Reasons for uneven longitudinal thickness of the h

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The reason for the uneven longitudinal thickness of the drawing extrusion film

the poor plasticization of the resin may be due to the improper temperature setting in each heating zone: the high-end aluminum alloy material industry in the temperature control economic development zone will become the focus of the development plan of the new material industry. The instrument fails, and the resin mixes with other resins with different melt index or high density correlation: the reason is the low back pressure of the extruder. Under the microscope (40 times), unmelted crystal points can be seen, and the extruded film is dark, opaque, and the viscosity is unstable, causing the fluctuation of the molten film. The most effective way to determine poor plasticization is to check whether there is unmelted material under the microscope

when troubleshooting, the first method to eliminate the mixing of other resins in the resin is to measure the melt index and judge it after comparing it with the standard index. Then consider adjusting the temperature of each heating zone and check the temperature controller. If it is found that the temperature controller in the heating area has been heating and cannot reach the given temperature, the screw speed can be reduced to achieve good plasticization. Properly increasing the back pressure of the extruder can be achieved by increasing the mesh number of the filter, but too high back pressure will cause damage to the screw thrust bearing of the extruder. If the melting film cannot be stabilized through on-site temperature control, raw materials and flow, and the production capacity to be confirmed is low, it is necessary to consider changing the screw design and replacing the high-efficiency screw

we can use w-b75 Vickers hardness tester

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