Reasons for the formation of defects in the hottes

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Reasons for the formation of defects in plastic parts and solutions (V)

the bending of injection molded parts

directly affects whether the spindle parts are qualified or not. 1 Features of defects in injection molded parts

the shape of injection molded parts is similar to the mold cavity, but it is a distorted version of the mold cavity shape

2. Possible causes of problems

(1) Bending is due to excessive internal stress in the injection molded part

(2). Mold filling speed is slow

(3). Insufficient plastic in the mold cavity

(4). Plastic temperature is too low or inconsistent

(5). Injection molded parts are too hot during ejection

(6). Insufficient cooling or inconsistent temperature of moving and fixed dies

(7). Injection molding 1 The structure of the whole clean part of the material testing machine is unreasonable (for example, the stiffeners are concentrated on one side, but they are far away)

3. Remedy

(1) Reduce injection pressure

(2). Reduce screw forward time

(3). Increase cycle time (especially cooling time). After being ejected from the mold (especially the thicker injection molded parts), immediately immerse in warm water (38oC) to slowly cool the injection molded parts

(4). Increase injection speed

(5). Increase the plastic temperature

(6). Use cooling equipment

(7). Appropriately increase the cooling time or improve the cooling conditions, and try to ensure that the mold temperature of the moving and fixed mold is consistent

(8). Graphene is still in the period of rise and rapid development. According to the actual situation, it can be placed or received by using the two-way call function, if allowed

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