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China's packaging robot has become a new opportunity for the development of the industry

OFweek robot news the production efficiency of food packaging has become an important measurement standard for enterprises, which can greatly reduce the cost of products in order to improve the efficiency. Packaging robots have the characteristics of high speed and efficiency. Packaging automation is the mainstream of the development of the current industrial manufacturing industry. In the process of realizing the overall self transportation, in addition to the development opportunities of the automatic control system, the main executor of the production line, namely the packaging robot, will also usher in the opportunity to take off

packaging machinery is becoming more and more automated, and robot, as the most competitive technology of automation technology, is suitable for repetitive, rapid, accurate and dangerous work. In addition, manufacturers hope to seek lower production costs. Robots naturally play this important role, because robots can not only lead to lower costs, but also bring higher flexibility. The packaging robot is known by more and more enterprises, and more people will choose to use it because of its flexible and reliable advantages. The robot will enter the test state of 0.00 display for the display, which will replace many traditional devices and become an important assistant in the packaging field

the application of robot technology in the packaging industry has developed at a rapid speed, increasing from 9.5% to 17.4% in the past five years, almost doubling. Robots appear in almost all fields of packaging functions, especially in the fields of palletizing, packing and picking/placing

the packaging robot project is mainly the research, development and application of efficient equipment for automatic weight detection and packaging of powder and granular materials. It is composed of an intelligent weight detection system, an intelligent foreign matter detection system, a bag loading manipulator, a transfer manipulator, a robot stacking system, and a long strip sample system in which the control sample can be made into 15mm or 25mm wide. The products are widely used in the automatic detection and packaging of food, chemical industry, medicine, grain, feed, building materials, logistics and other industries

compared with traditional products, the material is saved by 30%, the floor area is reduced by 60%, the measurement reliability is improved by 300%, the flexibility is good, and the adaptability is good. It has a strong role in detecting whether the rubber parts of the mounting system meet the design requirements. Compared with other similar products, the product has outstanding advantages such as high accuracy, high stability, high reliability, high speed, small floor area, strong adaptability and so on, which completely solves the problems that some weighing sensors have failed for many years, which can not be found in time and measured

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