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Packaging paper industry launches a new round of capacity expansion competition

in recent years, some large foreign enterprises have been optimistic about China's packaging market. Some domestic packaging enterprises aim at the market, seize the opportunity, attract investment, introduce capital, technology and management, and promote the scale of production and the grade of products. Recently, a new round of capacity expansion climax of new packaging enterprises has accelerated elastospray? Ch polyurethane sprayed thermal insulation material can provide an integrated scheme of thermal insulation and waterproof in case of looseness

not long ago, Inner Mongolia actively attracted investment and introduced packaging carton enterprises, and achieved remarkable results. According to reports, this month, Inner Mongolia Helin Shengle economic Park introduced a total of 20 projects, with an agreed investment of 3.15 billion yuan. Among them, Hebei Xianghe Gaoshi paper products Co., Ltd. was introduced to establish Inner Mongolia Gaoshi Paper Co., Ltd. in Shengle economic park. The total investment of the project is 40million yuan, with an annual output of 100million square meters of packaging cartons and an annual output value of 300million yuan; Introduce funds from Sichuan Chengdu Chaoyue Printing Co., Ltd. to establish Inner Mongolia Shengdu paper packaging printing Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 5million yuan, with an annual output of 50million square meters of packaging cartons. The investment attraction of these two projects has greatly promoted the development of carton industry in Inner Mongolia

recently, a production line of liquid beverage packaging paper with an annual output of 100000 tons laid the foundation in Henan new century Hengxing Paper Co., Ltd. The project will be completed and put into operation in August 2004. It is reported that the project is the first phase of the project of suixian County, Henan Province to implement the ISO9000 eco manufacturing and promote customer-centered paper industrial park. After completion, the overall annual income of the company will reach 1billion yuan for starting the hydraulic pump and 120million yuan for profit and tax. Its products are mainly used for the packaging of dairy products, beverages, food, cigarettes, etc., which can replace imported products to a certain extent. The second phase of the eco industrial park is planned to cover an area of 1500 mu, with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan. A large number of projects such as a 200000 ton poplar pulping production line, a 200000 ton high-strength corrugated paper production line and a sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 30000 tons will be launched. The goal of the planned park is to form a national large-scale paper-making enterprise with an annual production capacity of 800000 tons, a sales revenue of 3.4 billion yuan and a profit and tax of more than 580 million yuan in 2008

in order to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, the 102000 ton pulp and paper technological transformation project of Hunan Yuejiang Paper Group Yuanjiang Paper Co., Ltd. has recently officially started construction in Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province. It is reported that the annual production capacity of Yuanjiang paper will increase to 200000 tons after the 102000 ton pulp and paper technological transformation project of Yuanjiang paper industry is completed and put into operation, and hundreds of millions of new profits and taxes can be added every year. After the technical transformation project is put into operation, it will promote the production and operation development of the enterprise and improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise

various information shows that due to the continuous expansion of foreign trade, China's packaging paper industry will accelerate its development in the development of the scale of the packaging industry, and new packaging materials and products such as paper and plastics, which represent the development direction of modern packaging, will develop rapidly

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