At the beginning of the national standard road of

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At the beginning of the national standard road of app: UV excited fluorescent anti-counterfeiting fiber technology

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core tips: [China Packaging News] recently, Gb/t

[China Packaging News] recently, gb/t jointly developed by Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of APP group, and Beijing tomorrow Zhiguang Technology Co., Ltd., has been officially released

as the second drafting unit of the national standard, Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd. has always actively participated in the drafting and revision of gb/t, taking every detail seriously. As the second drafter of the standard, Qiu Ruquan, the vice president of technology of the industrial paper division, provided many valuable suggestions and opinions for the formulation of the national standard with his rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The release of this technical standard is not only a milestone in the development history of APP group, but also fills a gap in the anti-counterfeiting standardization of China's national standards

anti counterfeiting fiber technology is one of the core technologies of the paperboard anti counterfeiting technology center at present. However, before the release of gb/t ultraviolet excited fluorescence anti counterfeiting fiber technology, there was no consensus on this technology in China, which was difficult to judge, leading to market chaos. The release of this national standard not only standardizes the technical requirements of anti-counterfeiting color fiber, but also points out a direction for the development of anti-counterfeiting technology in the paper industry

however, as the different isomers of various carbon materials developed by Ningbo Asia so far, as shown in Table 1, the first national standard drafted by Zhoujiang pulp and paper industry has not only deepened our technicians' understanding of national standards, but also accumulated valuable experience for our company in formulating national standards; It not only improves the corporate image, but also strengthens the brand competitiveness of our color fiber anti-counterfeiting products; It is conducive to the promotion of the company's products and the company's advantage in applying for the evaluation of national high-tech enterprises and provincial technology centers. We firmly believe that gb/t is only the beginning of Ningbo Asia Pulp and paper industry. In the future, we will be more confident and have more zero breakthroughs in national standards

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