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Packaging should cater to changing shopping habits

generally speaking, consumers now not only buy goods, but also get spiritual excitement from shopping. As long as it can arouse their interest, they will not pity the last penny in their pockets. Today's consumers no longer have a fixed shopping mode. Market developers should constantly understand the changing consumption habits of surrounding consumers

there are a wide variety of goods in supermarkets. Now many consumers come and go in a hurry. Goods with neat assortment and distinctive personality are easier to attract their attention. Even in the small shop of the gas station, many customers actually mainly want to refuel or buy a newspaper, but naturally they will also walk around the small shop and look at other goods. Among them, convenient and novel packaging is their handy choice

the positioning of packaging design must comply with the requirements of consumers. Convenient use, novel style, small size and light weight have become the main trend of sub packaged food and luxury goods. Therefore, packaged fast food and pocket food bags and boxes have become an indispensable part of life. Nowadays, consumers often eat while walking and choose the most convenient and easy food they think they need. Traditionally, small packaged food can be taken away directly and eaten in your hands. Therefore, the correct size of packaging and goods has also become the goal of research

does not mean that larger packages are not wanted. Because consumers have different purposes, sometimes they have special needs and choose larger packaging. For larger packages, those with re sealing ability show stronger competitiveness. Design types that can be put together with other packages without taking up more space are more popular

now, the shelf life of products is shortening, and once the popularity period is over, no one pays attention. Therefore, the packaging must be flexible. When the manufacturer has no time to adjust for a while, the packaging can first respond to the new trend and seize the market opportunity. Nowadays, the rapidly changing lifestyle and consumption concept have greatly shortened the foothold time of retail commodity packaging in the market. Even famous brands, if the packaging mode remains unchanged, will also make consumers hate

for example, chocolate, whose specifications and forms often change, is particularly marketable. Therefore, the production line must be designed with flexibility to adapt to the changes of processing varieties, and the production line itself must have an accessory device or buffer measure to change specifications to avoid sudden interruption of production

packaging must convey the information provided by the manufacturer, and a series of seminars on "utilization of rubber and plastic materials" have been successfully held for 10 sessions. At the same time, we should leave a clear concept, not vague. Some manufacturers write on the eating method: "open and eat". But the problem is, it just can't be opened. I can't pull it apart, and I can't stop biting. There are no instructions and marks that the plastic film and the cover are polymerized by sugarcane extract. Therefore, food packaging must be marked with the opening method or mark, especially for novel and unique packaging. And it must be easy to open, even if the elderly hold a wheelchair with one hand

the new packaging should not only be easy to open, use this kind of material with higher mechanical strength and toughness, convenient and pleasing to consumers, but also improve the company's image, which means that the company and products are full of vitality. Whether it's biscuits or chocolates, the conveyor belt of the production line always keeps running fast. Today's consumers are used to adapting to the changing pace of life and the needs of flexibility, instantaneity and nature. From this point of view, consumers want just the right products, which is an inevitable trend

source: Shanghai packaging

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