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Packaging printing enterprises shout: 120000 is hard to find a printing press captain

[packaging E-line] what is the most expensive thing in the 21st century? Talent! One of the biggest difficulties for the packaging and printing enterprises to affect the test results is the difficulty in finding talents. Recently, at the large-scale job fair held by Najie talents, the packaging and printing enterprises lamented that they could not recruit a printing machine captain with an annual salary of 120000 yuan

it is difficult to find talents in packaging and printing enterprises

at yesterday's job fair, 10 packaging and printing enterprises gathered to recruit people, of which the printing press captain with a high school degree or above and more than 5 years of industry work experience is the most scarce, with an annual salary of more than 120000 yuan. Ordinary printing technicians who have some work experience and are familiar with the process flow have a monthly salary of more than 5000 yuan, but there are few candidates

according to packaging e-line, there is a shortage of talents in the printing industry in Hubei Province. As many as 90% of plastic products in the world have never been recycled, and the number of front-line operators in these 10 printing enterprises alone is more than 500. Compound talents who understand management and technology are more in demand. Some enterprises 3. The person in charge of the protection and maintenance industry of bursting strength testing machine said: talents at the level of printing press captain should come as many as they want

it takes three years to cultivate a skilled captain

Mr. Xu, a recruiter of a large printing enterprise in Hankou, analyzed that the difficulty of recruitment in printing enterprises is related to the lack of talent training channels. At present, only a few colleges and universities in Hubei Province, such as Wuhan University and Wuhan vocational and technical college, offer packaging and printing majors. Many college students are unwilling to engage in this industry after graduation because they are too dirty and tired. Due to the lack of talents, most enterprises have to adopt the traditional mode of master with apprentice to cultivate technical talents. It usually takes 13 years to train a skilled captain, and the wide-ranging utilization in China has just begun

the packaging and printing industry is facing the dilemma of lack of technical personnel. Strengthening the training of packaging and printing talents has become the focus of the development of the whole industry

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