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Trend of packaging product quality management (3)

Japanese enterprises believe that the structure of modern products is becoming more and more complex. With the efforts of a few quality inspectors alone, it is impossible to control the product quality at a satisfactory level, and the workers in the front line of production have the best understanding of the process and are most likely to find the defects of products and parts. Therefore, bringing the front-line workers into the quality management and control team is the fundamental way to improve product quality. For decades, Japanese products have dominated the international market, which has played an important role

the effective way for employees to participate in quality management and control is to combine it with group work. Besides focusing on product quality, the activities of the quality management team also involve improving efficiency, reducing costs, safety and health, and even doing a good job in solidarity and mutual assistance among workers and carrying out amateur activities

in production practice, we should emphasize the quality management thought of people-oriented. The personal quality of producers is very important for quality management. In order to improve the personal quality of producers, including ideological quality and professional quality, training and education should be strengthened, including equipment operation procedures, total quality management, process flow, etc., which is a valuable experience summarized from years of quality management practice

trend 6: modern information technology has gradually become the key to product quality management

countermeasures: strengthen the application of computers in quality management and control

Since the 1980s, with the rapid development of computer technology and its wide application in enterprise management and production, people have also begun to introduce computer technology into quality management and quality control, and have developed computer-aided quality management CAQ, computer integrated quality information system cicqis and Environmental Quality Information System QIS, thus entering the stage of computer-aided quality engineering. It not only accelerates the processing speed and quality of quality information, but also further enriches the quality management theory and promotes the development of quality management theory. On the other hand, the computer can quickly process a large number of production site quality data, providing a means of ensuring product quality

after entering the 21st century, the world is experiencing a high-tech and high intelligence industrial revolution led by information technology. Computer has become the representative of this revolution. Its intelligence has been materialized, and knowledge and intelligence have been rapidly transformed into productivity. At present, the application of computer in enterprise management has shown great power. Commodity packaging design, structural design, decoration design, etc. have been computerized. The introduction of computer technology into quality management and control will also play a great role in improving the quality of products and services. At present, there are not many applications of computers in quality management and control, mainly focusing on the release and acquisition of various market quality information through information networks, automatic process quality control, quality cost control, data acquisition and statistical analysis in the process of product quality inspection, but it has shown strong productivity, which will be an important development direction of quality management

trend 7: quality cost is the key to affect the level of product quality management

countermeasures: select appropriate methods in quality management and control, and obtain higher qhmac103 with less investment [1] 143 ⑵ 02 ⑵ 005 brake pedal quality. The national standard gb/t6583-94 defines quality cost as the cost incurred to ensure and guarantee satisfactory quality and the loss caused by failing to achieve satisfactory quality. There are two notes to this definition in the standard:

1) organizations should classify quality costs according to their respective situations

2) some losses may be difficult to quantify, but they are important, such as loss of reputation

Feigenbaum, an American quality management expert, first put forward the concept of quality cost. He put forward a quality report with currency as the evaluation to the top management of the machinery company, which prompted enterprises to have a deeper understanding of the deeper problems of product quality and its profound impact on the economic benefits of enterprises. With the convenience of product quality and strict selection of materials, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to ensure and improve the competitiveness of products in the market, enterprises have increased their investment in product quality, resulting in an increasing expenditure on quality. Therefore, today, with the emphasis on economic benefits, enterprises pay more and more attention to selecting appropriate quality management methods through the research of quality cost, and the research and analysis of quality cost is also constantly developed and improved in practice

engaging in quality management and quality control activities on the supply and demand of lithium salt in the domestic market will inevitably incur corresponding costs. From the perspective of the development process of quality management, the quality management of packaging enterprises has roughly gone through the stage of quality inspection, statistical quality control and total quality management, showing a high TG (~ 214 ° C), and has now entered the stage of computer-aided quality management. It can be seen that the technology and methods used by packaging enterprises in quality management are constantly developing and improving, and the investment of enterprises in quality management is also increasing. However, enterprises are increasingly concerned about whether increasing investment will cause excess quality. In order to solve the problems encountered in quality management, packaging enterprises should vigorously promote quality cost management, so that enterprises can balance the relationship between quality input and quality effect in quality management, choose appropriate quality management methods, and produce products that meet the quality requirements of users with small quality management input

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