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Packaging post press equipment - die-cutting machine has developed strongly

among many varieties of packaging post press processing equipment, the technology and industrialization of die-cutting machine products in China have reached a high level, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the import volume of die-cutting machine has decreased, and the export volume is constantly increasing. According to customs statistics, 461 molding equipment were imported in 2002, 2529 US $10000; 455 sets, 2602, were imported in 2003 US $80000; In 2004, 288 sets, 2424 US $20000, the annual import showed a downward trend, and the import volume fell by nearly 7%. In 2002, 765 sets were exported, 1086 US $10000; In 2003, 1066 sets, 1389 US $30000; In 2004, 1269 sets, 2227, were exported US $50000, the annual export exceeded that of last year, and the export volume increased by 60% 3 %。

second, the varieties of die-cutting machines basically meet the production needs of the domestic printing and packaging industry. Domestic products such as trademark die-cutting machine, self-adhesive trademark die-cutting machine, circular die-cutting machine, circular die-cutting machine, circular die-cutting machine, flat die-cutting indentation machine (tiger mouth die-cutting machine), including full-automatic flat die-cutting machine in the golden age of caprolactam in the early 21st century, have been able to manufacture die-cutting units on the linkage line in recent years, such as flexographic printing machine, gravure printing machine, self-adhesive printing machine Die cutting unit of corrugated paper printing slotting machine and other equipment. Third, there are more than 20 enterprises manufacturing full-automatic and semi-automatic die-cutting machines. The main manufacturers include Shanghai Yahua, beiren group, Tangshan Yuyin, Tianjin evergreen, Beijing Shengli Weiye, Hubei Jingshan, Henan Xinxiang, Shanghai Yaoke, Shanghai Dinglong, Shanghai Xuheng, Qingdao micron and other enterprises. Trademark die-cutting machine is produced by many enterprises, including Xianyang Hefeng, Beijing Machangying and other enterprises. There are countless enterprises that produce flat die cutting and indentation machines (tiger mouth die cutting machines)

I. level analysis of full-automatic flat pressing and die-cutting machine

full automatic flat pressing and die-cutting machine is the key equipment for post press processing of printed packaging products, which is not only an efficient one. Safe and high-quality molding equipment, at the same time, it is also an updated product of flat die cutting and indentation machine (tiger mouth die cutting machine), which is favored by packaging and printing enterprises. The wide application and broad market prospect of this kind of equipment have attracted many enterprises to enter the manufacturing ranks of full-automatic flat pressing and die-cutting machines, so that China's full-automatic flat pressing and die-cutting machines have formed a complete product series and reached a high level in technology

the working principle of the full-automatic flattening die-cutting machine is that the paper conveyor sends the paper to the front gauge and measuring gauge for positioning through the paper feeding part, and then the tooth row sends the paper to the die-cutting mechanism for secondary positioning for die-cutting. After die-cutting, the tooth row sends it to the waste removal mechanism, and then enters the paper receiving department after waste removal, so as to complete the die-cutting operation. At present, the technical level of China's full-automatic flat die-cutting machine has been greatly improved, which is mainly reflected in: the die-cutting speed index of advanced enterprise equipment has reached 8000 pieces/hour, and the die-cutting accuracy has reached ± 0 1 - 0. 2mm, most of the full-automatic flattening die-cutting machines produced by enterprises are generally equipped with waste removal devices. Some enterprises can manufacture holographic stamping die-cutting machines, and some enterprises can manufacture full-automatic flattening die-cutting machines and semi-automatic flattening die-cutting machines for die-cutting corrugated paper. The basic market cooperation of these equipment is further improved. Most of the modified plastic lifting parts are made of steel structural wallboards and processed by machining centers, and the accuracy and rigidity are fully guaranteed. The technical difficulties of the full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine, such as cam intermittent mechanism, chain guide rail and paper feeding tooth row, all have our own patented technology and intellectual property rights. It makes the gauze unable to absorb moisture, and the touch screen technology, variable frequency speed regulation technology and programmable controller technology are widely used in the drying equipment, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the equipment. In recent years, the export of molding equipment has increased year by year, and the fact that the import fell in 2004 has proved that the technical level of domestic full-automatic flat die-cutting machine is improving, and the recognition of users is increasing

in order to ensure the product quality of this type of die-cutting machine, the National Technical Committee for standardization of printing machinery has formulated relevant technical standards at the end of the last century, including jb/t8116 - 1998 flat press die-cutting machine and jb/t9115 - 1999 flat press bronzing machine, which are used to guide enterprise production and national supervision and random inspection of quality. The main manufacturers of full-automatic flat pressing and die-cutting machines in the world are boster in Switzerland, stora and ebaija in Germany, Yongxin in South Korea and other enterprises. See Table 1 for the main parameters of the manufacturer and equipment of the full-automatic flattening die-cutting machine

among the post press equipment, the full-automatic flat die-cutting machine is relatively mature. The mold making tools, die-cutting plate making machine, multi-function mold making machine and numerical control bending machine used together with the die-cutting machine are all produced by manufacturers. This die-cutting method has formed the mainstream equipment of large and medium batches of die-cutting printing and packaging products in China

II. The technology of circular die cutting machine has made rapid progress.

circular die cutting machine has carried out a lot of technical exploration abroad and made great progress. Full automatic flat die-cutting machine is the main force of contemporary post press molding equipment, which is widely used in the molding processing of folding cartons and corrugated cartons. Because the principle of this die-cutting process is intermittent, the further improvement of production efficiency is limited, so the circular pressing continuous die-cutting machine is produced, and the die-cutting speed can be greatly improved. It is reported that boster has carried out the round pressing die cutting test, and the die cutting speed can reach 12000 pieces/hour, and the linear speed can reach more than 300 meters/minute. Some enterprises in China also produce round die-cutting machines, mainly for corrugated paper boxes, with low processing accuracy, and the die-cutting speed is only 6000 sheets/hour. The circular die cutting cylinder forming method still uses the same splicing die-cutting knife of the flat die-cutting machine. Although the cost of molding is low, the service life of the template and the precision of die-cutting are low, which is not suitable for the line circular die-cutting method. Corresponding products have been developed for the connecting line circular pressing die cutting machine for paper jam forming, which are mainly used in flexographic printing machine production line, gravure printing production line and self-adhesive label production line. This die-cutting method adopts steel die-cutting drum, which completes the processing of the tangent of the male and female die in the NC machine tool or turning and milling machining center, and then forms two conjugate die-cutting rollers after mechanical or manual grinding and finishing. Because the processing cost is quite high and the processing cycle is long, it is mainly used for the die-cutting processing of large quantities of packaging and printing products. The working principle of the round die-cutting machine is to carry out high-speed die-cutting and forming processing in the rolling movement of two conjugate die-cutting rollers. In the past, this connection die-cutting equipment mainly depended on imports; Now, the die-cutting unit applied to the flexographic printing machine can be manufactured in China. There are about 15 domestic flexographic printing machine manufacturers, and the manufacturing and repair of the die-cutting cylinder are processed by professional factories. See Table 2 for manufacturers and products of circular die cutting machine

due to the fact that flexographic printing machines can carry out on-line die-cutting processing, there has been a climax in imports, which has maintained a high growth in recent years. At present, only 240 narrow flexographic printing machines have been installed in China, and the export of flexographic printing machines is also growing, mainly due to the rapid growth of the export of corrugated printing equipment. See Table 3 for the import and export of flexographic printing machines from 1998 to 2004

III. current situation of other types of die cutting machines

1 Trademark die-cutting machine (commonly known as wine label die-cutting machine) trademark die-cutting machine is a special die-cutting machine specially designed for the die-cutting of round, square, elliptical and other plane graphics wine bottle trademarks, playing cards, cards and other printed materials. Its working principle is to cut the printed sheet fed printed materials into blanks with a certain die-cutting allowance, and then stack the blanks into paper stacks of tens of millimeters to hundreds of millimeters, The process of using hydraulic pressure or mechanical force to cut the printed paper stack from the mold to the finished product on the wine label die-cutting machine. This kind of die-cutting equipment covers a small area, has low input cost and high production efficiency, and is highly attractive to small printing plants. The equipment is highly professional, narrow in scope of application, and has certain limitations in market prospects, so there will be no big room for development. The manufacturing level of domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises can basically meet the needs of the domestic market

for the die-cutting machine with this structure, the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee carries out quality control by the corresponding industry standards, and the standard number is jb/t8476 - 1996 trademark die-cutting machine

2. The market demand for round flattening die-cutting machine is declining. Because of the low level of automation and manual operation, this die-cutting method is not suitable for the production of large quantities of printing and packaging products, and has been replaced by advanced die-cutting equipment. The market is only in small printing and packaging enterprises, which are used for the post press die-cutting of small batches and personalized corrugated boxes

3. Flat die cutting indentation machine

flat die cutting indentation machine series products (commonly known as tiger mouth die cutting machine) include die cutting, indentation, bronzing and other post press operations, which are widely used in printing and packaging enterprises, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to some large printing machinery manufacturing enterprises, the manufacturers that produce such equipment are mainly private individual enterprises. Printing and packaging enterprises that use this kind of equipment first value its low price and less one-time investment, and then its low technology content, low cost of manual operation and strong adaptability of equipment. The original intention of the manufacturer to produce this kind of equipment is that this kind of equipment still has a market and occupies less production funds. It is suitable for small printing and packaging enterprises to operate and produce. Of course, China's rapidly developing socialist market economy and the great goal of building a well-off life have achieved the extraordinary high-speed development of the printing and packaging industry. This kind of equipment still has a certain vitality in our country. In 2002, China issued the third batch of elimination of backward production capacity, processes and equipment. For the current situation of poor safety performance, low production efficiency and backward technical level of flat die cutting and indentation machine series products, it was proposed to be listed in the elimination of backward products. At that time, considering the uneven economic development of our country and the immature time of elimination, this product series was retained. In terms of the general trend of scientific and technological development, although small printing and packaging enterprises in industrialized countries are still using this kind of equipment, and China still has a small amount of exports, the sales market of this kind of equipment will decline year by year

the manufacturing enterprises of flat die cutting and indentation machines are also taking measures to solve their inherent defects, among which the more significant improvement is to increase the automatic paper feeding and receiving devices, improve the automation level and safety level, and some enterprises have also passed the CE safety certification and established a quality assurance system. These measures will be specific as follows: extend the life cycle of this equipment

4. Self adhesive trademark die-cutting machine

self adhesive trademark printing machines are generally online for die-cutting operations. Some enterprises divide printing and die-cutting into two processes, printing on ordinary printing machines first, rewinding, and then die-cutting, so as to adapt to the current configuration of the enterprise's equipment. This self-adhesive trademark die-cutting machine has a certain market for such users. In terms of the development trend of self-adhesive printing and die-cutting, the demand for this kind of equipment will not be too large, and it can only be a supplement to the variety of backbone die-cutting machines

in terms of development, self-adhesive trademark printing machines with die-cutting function and rotary self-adhesive trademark printing machines are the development trend

5. CNC trademark die-cutting machine

this die-cutting machine is similar to the processing method of CNC punch. Its working principle is: pre compile the die-cutting program, position the paper on the equipment workbench, and the die-cutting head on the machine makes up and down die-cutting movement, at the same time, it also makes forward, backward, left and right horizontal movement and positioning, so as to realize the whole format

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