The hottest packaging should be blacklisted

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Excessive packaging should be included in the "blacklist"

with the growing phenomenon of excessive packaging, many packages have deviated from their due functions. In order to resist this phenomenon, the implementation opinions of the general office of Anhui Provincial People's Government on implementing the measurement development plan (2013-2020), which can be divided into pan based carbon fiber, viscose based carbon fiber, asphalt based carbon fiber and phenolic aldehyde based carbon fiber, was recently issued, and put forward quantitative goals for social public measurement standards and integrity measurement demonstration units

in the future, we will focus on supporting the construction of social public measurement standards in key areas such as food safety, energy conservation and emission reduction. By 2020, the province needs to achieve more than 95% coverage of measurement standards, reference materials and quantity transmission and traceability system, and 3000 social public measurement standards, so as to promote the growth of the demand for equipment and cultivate 3000 honest measurement demonstration units

we will also strengthen the supervision of measuring instruments in key areas, establish a system for the collection and release of honest measurement and credit information and a blacklist of dishonesty, strictly investigate and deal with illegal measurement using high-tech means, and severely crack down on false energy efficiency labels and excessive packaging of goods

excessive packaging wastes resources, pollutes the environment and harms social interests, which is harmful to the state, society and individuals, and should be resolutely eliminated. To avoid excessive packaging, I think we should first improve our understanding and change our ideas. We are duty bound to establish a simple packaging concept, advocate appropriate packaging, and build a conservation oriented society, which is owned by society, enterprises and individuals. Individuals should establish a green consumption concept and advocate simple consumption

for more information, please pay attention to that the packaging is a flammable polymer

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