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Nanxun software leads the transformation of CRM and builds an e-commerce retail ecosystem.

as more and more traditional enterprises enter the Internet era mode, customer-centric operations and services are undoubtedly the decisive competitiveness of enterprise survival and development? How to dance in the wind in the era of consumer sovereignty under the Internet + outlet? This is the core issue of the operation of many enterprises in China and even the world

on March 16, the 2016 product launch of brand interaction and Nanxun software was held in Hangzhou

in the six years since 2010, Nanxun software has been committed to data analysis and data mining of e-commerce customer relationship management. It is one of the pioneers of the first batch of retail industry ecosystem service providers under China's new business civilization, and is oriented by park, base, specialization and recycling

we have been deeply involved in e-commerce retail industry for many years, mining big data of customer resources

our three founders all have it background. I have also done e-commerce before, and I have the background of retail industry. We know the pain points of merchants. Chenbiyong, founder and CEO of Nanxun software, told me

based on the in-depth understanding of traditional and online retail models, in the six years since 2010, Nanxun has always been committed to the field of e-commerce CRM, focusing on the research, exploration and innovative development of retail enterprise customer resource management. From 1.0 to 6.0, from a single product to several products, Nanxun has provided more than 500000 e-commerce enterprises with digital and intelligent customer resource system solutions, helped businesses realize scientific, simple and intelligent data marketing, and completed the transformation of customer-centric operation mode

nowadays, Nanxun software connects with nearly 30 domestic mainstream platforms such as Alibaba,, Suning, Amazon, etc., and is committed to building an omni channel retail ecosystem; At the same time, its Omni channel customer resource management solution ecrp, e-commerce customer relationship management expert customer channel CRM, Taobao official platform's first Wangwang plug-in customer channel wizard, taonei's first online customer interaction platform in this process love interaction, etc. are all epoch-making products from online to multi-channel customer relationship management and interaction

at the press conference, Chen Biyong first took the lead in releasing and introducing the newly upgraded products: Kedao crm6.0, aiinteractive 3.0, and ecrp2.0, and said that this will more efficiently promote merchants to make great progress in interactive transformation, scene based services, joint marketing, brand center, etc., and realize that the industry-leading customer data gear shank has oil, dirt, or the upper limit plate of the shank is pressed too tightly, Let the customer resources of the enterprise produce infinite circulation and incremental value in the process of enterprise operation

transformation is imminent. Build an e-commerce ecosystem against the current

there must be competition in the industry. No competition means that the industry is either small or about to die. Chenbiyong said that there is competition in any industry, but at present, the ideal product pattern of CRM competitive market is to replace imports. Now it requires all-channel development. The competition faced by Nanxun is not only in the field of e-commerce, but also in the future, it will face the competition of international large companies, such as Microsoft, sap, Oracle and so on

in 2016, the process of e-commerce CRM seems to be the same, but it is different everywhere. Chen Biyong said that Chinese consumers differ greatly from foreign consumers, and their requirements for consumption are different. Compared with them, Nanxun understands the Chinese market better

in view of the current fire of cross-border e-commerce in the Chinese market, Chen Biyong said that Nanxun has made layout in this field and has reached relevant cooperation with Hangzhou Xiasha free trade zone. He said that the external development has brought greater challenges to Nanxun

as for the current development trend of the industry, he believes that the current CRM industry should carry out in-depth transformation from active CRM to interactive CRM, from single store CRM operation to brand CRM operation, and from the original independent operation to heating for more groups

in the current market where e-commerce is booming, deep wireless, large-scale data and enterprise omni-channel have become the three driving forces for the development of the entire e-commerce industry. While clarifying the broad prospects of the new era of e-commerce, Nanxun software said that the company will actively promote and support Alibaba's 16 character business policy of focusing on enterprises, empowering merchants, prospering the ecosystem, upgrading consumption, and opening up, collaboration The prosperous e-commerce ecosystem contributes

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