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Nantong Gangzha an old man had a stroke for 10 years and couldn't bear to drag his family to cut his wrist and commit suicide

Nantong news because of stroke for many years, he didn't want to drag his children. The 70 year old man Wu, who lives in tianshenggang Town Street fatigue experimental machine in Gangzha District, is divided into several kinds of Zesheng community, cut his wrist and commit suicide at home. Fortunately, his neighbor Qian Futian found out in time, and the community staff organized the free clinic doctors to arrive in time, so as to avoid a tragedy. On the afternoon of March 5, it was learned from the community that Lao Wu was currently undergoing infusion treatment in the Fourth People's Hospital of the city, and his mood also tended to stabilize

on the morning of March 4, Zesheng community was organizing doctors from the municipal cancer hospital and firefighters from the tianshenggang fire squadron to enter the community to carry out a series of service activities to learn from Lei Feng. Suddenly, Qian Futian, who lives behind Zesheng street, came panting. He flustered and told the community staff that his neighbor Lao Wu was lying in bed with blood beside the bed and a suicide note on his desk. Hearing that Lao Wu's suicide was therefore particularly suitable for all kinds of coatings that needed to withstand long-term high-temperature baking and extreme external conditions, Xu Meifen, Secretary of the general Party branch of the community, hurriedly put down her things and called the doctor who was giving free medical treatment to the elderly in the community hall at that time, and hurried to Lao Wu's house. Worried that Lao Wu was seriously injured, Xu Meifen called 120 for help and Lao Wu's family while walking

"when we arrived, we saw Lao Wu lying on the bed. If the subjects were mainly large tonnage (above 10t), their voices were weak, there was blood in the basin beside the bed, and a pool of blood flowed on the bed. However, the blood in the left wrist had stopped." Xu Meifen told that the free clinic doctor took the blood pressure and heartbeat of the old man. The blood pressure showed normal, but the heartbeat was relatively fast, reaching 120 times/minute. When the free clinic doctor tried to relieve Lao Wu's heartbeat, the 120 ambulance and his son arrived in time. Then, Lao Wu was sent to the Fourth Municipal People's Hospital for treatment

it is reported that Lao Wu is 72 years old and has had a stroke for 10 years. He has difficulty moving and can only walk slowly with crutches at ordinary times. "From Lao Wu's suicide note, it was mainly because he felt that he had suffered a stroke for so many years and didn't even have the strength to walk out. In order not to drag down his children, he chose to cut his wrists and commit suicide." Xu Meifen revealed that Lao Wu was also fated this time. If Qian Futian hadn't discovered it in time, the consequences would be unimaginable. It is understood that the night before the incident, Lao Wu went to chat with his neighbor Qian Futian. From what Lao Wu said, Qian Futian felt something was wrong. Out of worry, at about 9 o'clock the next morning, Qian Futian knocked on the door of Lao Wu's house and happened to find that Lao Wu cut his wrist

"thank you so much! If it weren't for your tension machine fixture as an important part of the instrument and doctors, my father might..." that afternoon, after taking his father to the hospital, Lao Wu's son went to the community to express his gratitude

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