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Nantong seven hour textile launched a new fiber quilt core

on June 22, Nantong seven hour Textile Technology Co., Ltd. held a new product order meeting with the theme of "transcending time and space", at which it launched quilts made of two newly developed new multi specification fiber compositions (polyester fibers), "MEC cotton" and "Gauss cotton"

Lu Xinsheng, general manager of the company, said that this meeting was not only an order meeting, but also a discussion with industry elites on how to develop and manufacture home textile products in the direction of low carbon, environmental protection, health care and so on. Nantong seven hour home textile not only pays attention to the practicality of household goods, but also pays more attention to its health care function for human health. The quilt made of two new fibers is endowed with a new concept of healthy life. At present, a new sherry fiber in the market is famous for its thin and warm properties, but the expensive price makes many people flinch. The Merck cotton and Gauss cotton studied by Nantong seven hours after the upper and lower jaws are tightened have good effect but low cost, and are designed to replace the new sherry fiber

Merck cotton is a new type of composite polyester fiber with high density and soft handle, which is formed by taking a variety of ultra-fine polyester fibers as elements, adopting the company's latest synthetic technology, and organically combining the slender and soft multi specification fibers according to the proportion formula carefully developed by the company. It is very suitable for core products in winter. In addition, because the fiber of MEC cotton is thin and long, the density of the synthetic single fiber is large, which has strong warmth retention, and the joints of the oil pipe are tight and sealed, which has the characteristics of strong memory elasticity. It will naturally adhere to the human body and has strong skin affinity. In the synthesis process of Merck cotton, the proportioner formula used does not contain chemical raw materials harmful to human health, and the formula contains a large amount of plant cellulose. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot development in the future, low-carbon and environmental protection

Gauss cotton adopts the latest synthetic technology developed by the company on the level of traditional polyester fiber synthesis technology, and organically combines relatively short fibers, coarse fibers and fine fibers of various specifications according to the proportion formula painstakingly developed by the company. In the process of fiber synthesis, a new synthetic polyester fiber with low carbon, environmental protection, good air permeability and moisture absorption is produced by using the measurement principle of Gaussian distribution function and being processed by the latest technology of opening and cleaning and carding equipment, which is more suitable for core products in summer

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