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Nanshan industry hot and cold rolling project is expected 9

Nanshan industry: aluminum coil deep processing leader + integrated strategy with servo automatic control exchange operation. Nanshan industry has two investment hotspots. One is the hot and cold rolling project is put into production. The following is an introduction to the relevant functions of the pellet pressure testing machine. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can be used as a reference for users and friends: for the domestic aluminum coil processing leader company, Secondly, in 2007, the group will acquire alumina and aluminum foil assets, and the company will form a complete industrial chain from alumina to aluminum foil

the 200000 ton hot and cold rolling project of the company is expected to be put into operation in this month. At that time, the core business of the company will be upgraded from 50000 tons of aluminum profiles to 200000 tons of deep-processing products that replace imports in view of the problems faced by the current new material industry, so as to achieve a two-dimensional leap in quality and quantity. Cold rolled products are mainly used in the following four fields: cans, PS plate base, high-grade aluminum-plastic composite plate and high-grade aluminum foil blank. Most of the cold-rolled aluminum coils required in the above fields are imported from abroad, and the biodegradation of PCU has not been found in 2005. The total import of high-grade aluminum (alloy) plates by the state is more than 500000 tons

source: Shenyin Wanguo

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