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New progress has been made in the construction of Nantong rail transit. The first shield machine has made new progress in the construction of Nantong rail transit. The first shield machine has gone down the shaft

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Nantong metro project has ushered in a new important node: the first professional construction equipment for rail construction - "Zilang No. 1" shield machine has been officially put down the shaft at Jianghai Avenue station, work area 2, lot 03, phase I project of Urban Rail Transit Line 1. At present, engineers and technicians are carrying out the installation and commissioning of the shield machine to prepare for the departure. This is learned from Nantong urban rail transit company

in 2018, Nantong municipal Party committee and government put forward a new round of strategic deployment for the development of "3+3+n" key industries, and focused on promoting "intelligent equipment industry" as one of the three emerging industries. China railway construction heavy industry joined hands with Nantong urban construction group to establish China railway construction heavy industry Nantong Co., Ltd. On September 13, the first shield machine of China railway construction heavy industry Nantong company - "Zilang No.1" was successfully rolled off the production line in Nantong, achieving a breakthrough of zero shield machine locally manufactured in Nantong, and injecting new impetus into the development of high-end underground equipment industry in Nantong and East China

the Third Railway Bureau of China Railway is responsible for the construction of Jianghai Avenue station in the second work area of lot 03 of line 1. Among the 28 stations of line 1, Jianghai Avenue station always takes the lead. It means that semi-finished products made of plastic and natural fibers can be used for large-scale production of some sealing machines. The manufacturer has thought of this, taking the lead in hoisting the reinforcement cage of the diaphragm wall, realizing the closure of the diaphragm wall and the excavation of the foundation pit, and welcoming the first shield machine in the whole line

the author learned before publishing that the second shield machine had been lowered into the well at Jiji Village Station on November 3

each control mode can be automatically switched smoothly without impact

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