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Phthalic anhydride produced by naphthalene reappears. O-xylene is at risk of demand

since the third quarter, the price of domestic o-xylene (ox) has risen steadily, reaching 11000 yuan per ton in the first ten days of October, with gratifying benefits. However, min Kai, head of the market service section of Yangzi Petrochemical production and operation Department, the largest ox producer in China, is worried

in recent years, due to the long-term upside down of the price of ox and downstream phthalic anhydride, the operation of domestic phthalic anhydride enterprises is poor. Many enterprises have transformed their devices and re adopted the naphthalene process, which has been eliminated for more than 10 years, to produce phthalic anhydride. What worries min Kai is that if the naphthalene process makes a comeback, ox may be abandoned by the phthalic anhydride industry in the future, which will have a huge impact on ox production enterprises. In recent years, this kind of anxiety is very common in the ox industry, and is getting worse

"bread can't sell flour, and now it's so difficult to sell. How can enterprises with phthalic anhydride composite impact testing and analysis methods survive!" Min Kai pointedly pointed out the problem. Since the beginning of the year, facing the dilemma of high cost and low demand, phthalic anhydride factories can only choose to shut down or reduce production to avoid losses. In the first half of this year, the operating rate of domestic phthalic anhydride industry was even less than 50%

according to min Kai, more than 90% of ox is used to produce phthalic anhydride, and ox is closely related to phthalic anhydride. At present, domestic ox production enterprises mainly include more than 10 enterprises such as Yangzi Petrochemical, Jilin Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Zhenhai Refining and chemical, Jinling Petrochemical, most of which are subordinate to Sinopec and PetroChina, with a total annual production capacity of about 810000 tons. At present, China is the largest ox producer in the world, among which Yangzi Petrochemical has ranked first in terms of ox production for many years, accounting for about 30% of the total domestic production capacity

before 1990, naphthalene process was mainly used in the production of phthalic anhydride in China. With the introduction of ox process from abroad to China, the disadvantages of naphthalene process, such as insufficient raw materials, high cost, high energy consumption and large pollution, have become increasingly prominent. With the advantages of rich raw materials, low cost, low energy consumption and high yield, ox process has quickly unified the Jianghu, ending the history of industrial naphthalene as a raw material of phthalic anhydride for more than 40 years, and ox process has gained a monopoly position in the raw material position of phthalic anhydride. After 2000, almost all domestic phthalic anhydride production enterprises adopted ox process, and formed the industrial chain development mode of ox phthalic anhydride plasticizer, and naphthalene phthalic anhydride disappeared

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's construction industry, transportation, electronics and aviation industry, the consumption of downstream products of phthalic anhydride is increasing, and the phthalic anhydride industry has developed rapidly. Due to the low investment and quick effect of phthalic anhydride plant, many enterprises rushed to the market, resulting in serious overcapacity of phthalic anhydride. From 2006 to the beginning of 2012, China's annual production capacity of phthalic anhydride soared from 1.34 million tons to 2.14 million tons, an increase of 60%. The production capacity and output of phthalic anhydride in China ranks first in the world

however, in the same period, the annual production capacity of ox increased by 810000 tons from 530000 tons, an increase of 53%, and the growth rate of production capacity was much lower than that of phthalic anhydride. There is an embarrassing situation of excess capacity of phthalic anhydride and insufficient capacity of ox in China, and more than 50% of ox needs to be imported from abroad. The capacity imbalance between the two continues to intensify, the voice of phthalic anhydride continues to decline, industry competition intensifies, and profits decline year by year

since 2009, in the ox phthalic anhydride plasticizer industrial chain, because the prices of ox and phthalic anhydride have been upside down for a long time, phthalic anhydride enterprises have suffered losses for years. Only enterprises with a complete industrial chain can barely maintain phthalic anhydride by subsidizing phthalic anhydride with plasticizer benefits

however, since this year, the real estate will not change for several decades, the market continues to be depressed, and the domestic economy is down, resulting in a serious decline in the consumption of end products such as leather, rubber and film making, a significant contraction in the consumption of plasticizers, and difficulties in the sale of phthalic anhydride. It has become a kind of tissue inducer used to induce the regeneration of the elastic belt and central nerve, a carbon fiber composite used to produce the suspension frame of maglev train The first domino in the industrial chain of 1 series of new material technology achievements, such as smart materials for 4D printing

enterprises with a complete industrial chain can still subsidise phthalic anhydride with plasticizer benefits and barely survive, while many simple phthalic anhydride production plants are difficult to survive. Hongcheng chemical company in Nanjing is a typical example. Cui min, the manager of the company, told that the enterprise began to lose money in 2009. When the loss was serious in the first half of this year, the enterprise lost about 1100 yuan for every ton of phthalic anhydride produced. Last year, the enterprise lost nearly 5million yuan. It was really difficult for a small chemical enterprise to survive

in order to survive, in 2012, domestic phthalic anhydride enterprises began to switch to naphthalene process, and the naphthalene process, which has been abandoned by the market for more than 10 years, made a comeback

industrial naphthalene is greatly affected by the real estate industry. Since last year, due to the continuous tightening of the real estate market, the demand for water reducer has been restrained, and the industrial naphthalene resources, as the main raw material of water reducer, are in surplus. The market price has fallen all the way from the high level in 2010, with a decline of more than 40%. Before 2010, the price of industrial naphthalene was almost the same as that of ox. While the price of industrial naphthalene fell sharply, the price of ox maintained a growth rate of more than 10%. According to the insiders, according to the current market price calculation, 6. Weight wear: the naphthalene method has a cost advantage of 3000 yuan per ton of phthalic anhydride compared with the ox method. If the naphthalene method is used for production, the ox enterprise will not only not lose money, but also make a profit of thousands of yuan per ton. The great difference makes the enterprise turn grief into joy. Naphthalene method transformation soon became the consensus in the industry

"without transformation, enterprises cannot survive. As far as I know, more than half of domestic enterprises are transforming, and many others are quietly transforming." Cui min told that his enterprise was also about to be transformed. Up to now, several sets of domestic devices such as Shandong Hongxin and Shijiazhuang Bailong have been transformed. Industry insiders predict that 400000 tons of annual production capacity will be transformed in China this year, and ox consumption will be reduced by 300000 to 1million tons at that time. This means that the high price of ox is gradually being abandoned by the market, which is undoubtedly a nightmare for the ox industry

however, due to the limited production of domestic industrial naphthalene, and once the real estate market recovers and the price of industrial naphthalene rises, ox process will highlight its advantages. Insiders predict that in the future, naphthalene process and ox process may coexist, so that phthalic anhydride enterprises can calmly deal with it

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