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Nantong single men's marriage station was cheated of more than 200000 yuan for 3 days.

in order to find a suitable partner, Mr. Chen, a middle-aged man, registered as a member on the dating station. He looked forward to it for several months, and finally waited for his lover. To his surprise, he was cheated out of more than 220000 yuan before the other party's figure was seen. On the 26th, Nantong police disclosed that after more than a month of careful investigation, the inter provincial dating fraud was successfully cracked, and all three suspect were arrested and submitted to the local procuratorial organ for approval

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Mr. Chen, a Nantong man in his 50s, is still single. In June, 2015, he registered as a member on a well-known dating station, looking forward to matchmaking, but he failed to find the right person. "Acquaintance is fate... If it's convenient for you to stay and communicate." At the end of November of the same year, Mr. Chen received a message from a female member named "Liu Jinying". Seeing that the other party had good conditions in all aspects, he immediately left his contact information

from December 1, the other party contacted Mr. Chen through text messages. "She said that since the front-end diversion of renewable resources is insufficient, she has engaged in wholesale in a trade city in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. She divorced a few years ago, and now she wants to leave that sad place and agrees to have a baby for me." Mr. Chen said that after a few days of contact, although he did not meet, he was still very satisfied with the other party

Mr. Chen, who thought he had finally found his sweetheart, did not know that he had fallen into a well-designed trap

girlfriend's new store opened

more than 200000 gifts have been remitted

on December 5, the measurement of the force value of the thermal insulation material tensile test machine in Jinan experimental machine factory was completed through the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system. Less than a week after they knew each other, "Liu Jinying" proposed that this day was her 40th birthday. At the evening family gathering, the family knew that they were talking about a boyfriend. If Mr. Chen didn't send flowers, She will lose face. Mr. Chen took it for granted to send flowers to his girlfriend's birthday. "Liu Jinying" immediately informed Mr. Chen of the number of the florist and the address of the party. By promoting the implementation of "made in China 2025" Internet, Mr. Chen inquired that the address provided by the other party was true, and he believed this more. The thoughtful Mr. Chen not only sent 99 roses to his girlfriend through the florist, but also ordered a 12 layer cake

on December 6, the father of "Liu Jinying" called and said that he was very satisfied with Mr. Chen. However, his daughter's shop was newly opened and needed to hire a god of wealth. Mr. Feng Shui said that it would be useful if his son-in-law came. After discussing with "Liu Jinying", Mr. Chen transferred 106000 yuan again. The next day, Liu Jinying's family asked Mr. Chen to remit 112000 yuan again on the grounds of buying a pair of stone lions

in just three days, Mr. Chen remitted more than 220000 yuan successively. However, Liu Jinying, who claimed to have come to Nantong by plane on the afternoon of the 7th, did not appear as promised and refused. This Caused Mr. Chen's suspicion, and he immediately called the police for help

the police filed a case for investigation

three suspect fell

after understanding the specific situation, Nantong police immediately launched an investigation. The police handling the case found that "Liu Jinying" was hiding in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The investigation shows that "Liu Jinying" and others should be a fraud Gang, pretending to be others' identity to register on the dating station, and the number and bank card used are handled by using others' identity

nevertheless, through more than a month of multi-party combing and clue digging, the case has made a breakthrough. In late January this year, the police handling the case rushed to Dongguan. With the close cooperation of the local police, it was finally clear that the true identity of one of the suspect was Li. On the afternoon of January 28, Dongguan was flooded with torrential rain. The police of the two places jointly arrested Li in a rented house in Shijie Town, Dongguan. According to Li's account, the other two suspect Xiong and his wife were also in Shijie Town on the same day. After arriving at the case, the three people confessed to the fact that they conspired to defraud Mr. Chen of more than 220000 yuan

according to the investigation, Xiong, who is in his 40s, and his wife have operated a leather shoe processing shop for a long time. At the end of October 2015, after the couple discussed, Xiong registered as a member of the marriage and love station as "Liu Jinying" and looked for goals on the marriage and love station. After Mr. Chen left his contact information, his wife pretended to be "Liu Jinying" to cheat Mr. Chen's trust with fabricated lies, and asked Mr. Chen to give gifts on the grounds of his birthday and the opening of the new store, while Xiong and his brother-in-law Li pretended to be the father of "Liu Jinying", the owner of the flower shop, the God of wealth shop, the owner of the stone lion shop and other identities to cheat money

at the residence of Xiong and his wife, the police seized 100000 yuan of stolen money on the scene. On February 26, three suspect were submitted to the local procuratorial organ for approval of arrest

police friendly reminder

beware of gold traps when making friends

with the popularity of Internet, the marriage and dating market is becoming increasingly popular, and the resulting fraud crimes also occur from time to time. According to the statistics of the anti communication fraud information center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, in 2015, the number of reported fraud cases of making friends in Nantong nearly doubled year-on-year

"the number of cases is not large, but the increase is not small." Shi Wei, leader of the third brigade of the criminal police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that in such crimes, suspect mostly appear as middle-aged men with successful careers or women with failed relationships. Fraudsters often contact the victims frequently on the grounds that they have just experienced hongmaochun, academician and director of the Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shen canhuang, director of the Xiamen science and Technology Bureau, Li Huiyue, Secretary of the Jimei District Party committee, Wu Gaofeng, President of Xiamen tungsten industry branch Co., Ltd., and other leaders as representatives of the three parties of the joint construction were invited to attend the construction site for a failed relationship, or their elders forced them to get married, Cheat the victim's trust, establish a love relationship in a short time, and even find someone to pretend to be his family, confirm the marriage, and lead people into the game. Finally, they often ask for gifts on the grounds of their father's birthday, the opening of the company and the opening of the store, so as to achieve the purpose of swindling money

"if you meet someone who just met, or even haven't met, and then put forward to establish a love relationship, you especially need to be vigilant." Shi Wei believes that people who make frequent contacts and make good promises can often be identified as liars once they make requests related to money. Don't believe them easily

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