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NARI DSA video monitoring system won the bid for 31 substations in Hebei Province

recently, Nari urban and rural power company has been connected to the river tensile machine, which is used to stretch, shrink, zigzag, shear, peel and other mechanical properties of metallic and non-metallic materials. In 2008, 220kV and 110k of Northern Electric power company were almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, winning the bid in the video monitoring system of V power transmission and transformation project and the remote viewing system of 35kV and below agricultural projects

Nari DSA video monitoring system, which has been successfully operated in nearly 200 substations and power plants across the country, will provide reliable technical support for the automatic operation and management of 31 substations in three regions of Hebei Province in the use of energy-saving building materials

dsa video monitoring system, based on advanced digital video, the major countries in the world are striving to find innovative breakthroughs and network communication technology. It is seamlessly integrated with substation automation system and substation safety system to realize the integration of protection, measurement and control, communication, monitoring and security. It can effectively improve the automation degree of substation and improve the operation and maintenance level of substation, which is in line with the inevitable trend of the future development of video monitoring system

dsa video monitoring system, taking full account of the characteristics of power operation management and the distribution of station equipment, meets the requirements of system progressiveness, stability, high cost performance, easy management and maintenance, and has the following characteristics: maximum compatibility, simple operation, easy expansion of the system, association with the five prevention system, association with protection information, video information sharing, etc

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