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A large-scale chemical fiber project in Tongzhou, Nantong passed the approval of the provincial environmental impact assessment

on December 7, it was learned from the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tongzhou District, Nantong that the provincial environmental protection department could officially approve the construction of henggangsha (hongbeisha) textile chemical fiber industrial park in Binjiang New Area, Tongzhou, with an annual output of 100000 tons of differentiated chemical fiber projects. With a total investment of 99.8 million US dollars, the project can achieve an annual sales revenue of 2.369 billion yuan, a total profit of 228.22 million yuan, and a sales tax of 56.77 million yuan. It is a large industrial project introduced and approved by Tongzhou District, and it is also an important economic growth point of the District in the future

henghan chemical fiber differentiated chemical fiber project is a sub project of Jiangsu Hengli Group, a large modern textile enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and technology to build environmental friendly and high-performance surface materials in Asia, the largest weaving capacity of the standard system in the past 20 years, and the top three polyester filament production capacity in China. The project introduces domestic and foreign equipment, production process and process control system, and takes a number of water-saving measures in terms of production process, unit material consumption Energy consumption and pollutant production have reached the domestic level of cleaner production

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