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The new 36 articles on private investment will be announced soon. The petroleum industry may be opened to the public. In order to make the test piece straight in the experimental process, an official in charge of investment from the national development and Reform Commission said in an exclusive interview yesterday afternoon that the opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as the new 36 articles) that everyone cares about will be published soon

compared with the 36 articles on non-public economy five years ago, the contents of the new 36 articles are more detailed. For example, private capital may be encouraged to enter the field of oil and gas exploration and development, and enter the construction of some railway branches and trunk lines

he also said that at present, the new 36 articles are still under final revision, and the final details should be subject to the official documents

since Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the executive meeting of the State Council on March 24 to study and deploy policies and measures to further encourage and guide the healthy development of private investment, all regions and departments are paying close attention to formulating specific implementation measures. It is expected that various opinions aimed at implementing the policies will be issued in turn

Sunlijian, vice president of the school of economics of Fudan University, pointed out that in order to get rid of the crisis and follow the development strategy of "taking the lead", the most important thing is to let private enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises) spontaneously rush to the front line of the government's industrial structure adjustment strategy and form a blood generating mechanism that can replace the stimulation of blood transfusion and revitalize the market

new and old differences

officials of the national development and Reform Commission said that the new opinions are also 36, so they can be called the new 36. Compared with the old and new 36 articles, there are three biggest differences: first, the scope is different. In 2005 (36 articles) were aimed at non-public economy, while in 2010 the new 36 articles were aimed at private investment, and the scope of the latter is smaller

secondly, the new 36 articles highlight the enforceability and operability, and put forward the areas to be refined to secondary subjects. For example, if private capital participates in the transportation and railway investment, there are trunk lines, special lines and branch lines (fields)

ask: the petroleum industry is an industry that private enterprises are eager to enter. Are there any new regulations in the new 36 articles? Will crude oil imports be included

the official replied that it was not the import, but the exploration and development of oil and gas. The threshold for these industries is relatively high, and the (government) should set a reasonable and scientific threshold

the third difference between the old and new 36 articles is the difference in investment methods. The new article 36 is not only a word of encouragement. For example, the financial industry has said in the past that it is necessary to attract private capital, but can we lower the threshold now? How about reducing the proportion of state-owned shares

he stressed that the new 36 articles cannot be comprehensive, but there will be a direction. After the introduction of the new 36 articles, there will also be supporting documents involving various departments

private enterprises should guard against blind entry into monopoly fields such as oil

as for private investment in the upstream oil and gas industry, Liubo, a researcher at Guojin securities, said that various corruption problems must be prevented

at present, good blocks are in the hands of PetroChina and Sinopec. If the private sector wants to get a share, it may have to go to the local government and the two major oil companies to get the block. Therefore, if we liberalize (upstream investment), we should prevent the corruption of state-owned enterprises and local governments

he also said that it is not ruled out that some powerful private enterprises have obtained national loans to develop oil and natural gas in recent years, but they should also pay attention to investment risks. If a good oil field block is found, whether this block can find oil is the key. In addition, it is impossible for enterprises to fully invest their own capital (the investment in oil development is too large), and they will certainly borrow through banks or other channels. All lending institutions should control the risks

the internal management of a large state-owned oil company also said that it is a good thing for some private enterprises to participate in the investment in the upstream field of oil, but it is also possible for some companies to use unfair means

moreover, private enterprises 2 Reducing measurement error) should also pay attention to environmental protection. After the development of some oil fields, their sewage discharge and local resource and environmental protection should be well planned, and random discharge is not allowed. The exploration of oil and natural gas is very complicated until the carbon fiber preform needs to be injected with resin. You need to analyze, survey and calculate. No private enterprise can do well with money. For example, the same oil well can produce oil continuously for 20 years with an appropriate pumping rate, but it may be drained quickly if it is not properly developed, which greatly reduces its utilization efficiency. Therefore, private enterprises should be very cautious in entering this industry and should not blindly engage in it

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