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The wave of electric trucks in the new battlefield of power battery competition may sweep the world

Abstract: globally, with more and more stringent emission regulations for diesel engines and the introduction of diesel vehicle prohibition measures that are likely to be implemented in the future, the popularity of electric trucks will be accelerated

at present, the global automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, and the wave of electrification in the field of new energy has finally swept trucks. Pure electric trucks have the environmental protection characteristics of zero pollution and zero emission, which will play an important and positive role in "winning the blue sky defense war"

pollutant emission: 1 heavy truck =200 cars

trucks, especially heavy trucks, are the major polluters. According to the data, although diesel trucks account for only 7.8% of the total number of motor vehicles in the country, they emit 57.3% of nitrogen oxides and 77.8% of PM, becoming one of the main sources of pollution emissions

I have read an article about truck pollution, in which there is a group of pollution data of large trucks: 300000 large trucks drive on the road in Beijing every day, 200000 are from Beijing and 100000 are from other places. The pollutants emitted by a large truck are equivalent to the pollutants emitted by more than 200 private cars

it is not too shocking to say. In order to deal with truck pollution, governments all over the world have taken some countermeasures. The Chinese government has stipulated that starting from 2019, the fuel consumption limit of heavy trucks will be reduced by 15% on the basis of 2015; The European Union plans to formulate carbon dioxide emission standards for heavy trucks in the first half of 2018; In the United States, federal regulations require that carbon dioxide emissions be reduced by 25% by 2027

global acceleration of the popularization of electric trucks

worldwide, with the increasingly stringent emission regulations for diesel engines and the introduction of the diesel vehicle prohibition measures that are likely to be implemented in the future, the popularization of electric trucks in the market will be accelerated

it is reported that Volvo, the world's second largest truck manufacturer, plans to start selling electric trucks in North America in 2020. At present, it has signed a partnership with California to display vehicles locally. According to the agreement, Volvo will deploy in California next year. This year, Volvo began to produce its first commercial pure electric truck, which is expected to be sold next year for urban distribution in Europe

Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo trucks, said: "with the launch of Volvo Fe series electric trucks, we have successfully built a comprehensive electric truck series suitable for urban transportation, and taken another strategic step towards developing comprehensive electrification transportation solution products."

elonmusk, CEO of Tesla, said that the company would start to put electric trucks into production in 2019. Many companies have placed orders for Tesla's electric trucks. Last December, PepsiCo ordered 100 of these new electric trucks; In March this year, the express giant FedEx said that it had ordered 20 of the cars; Wal Mart, ups and Sisco have all placed orders in advance

Daimler announced that it will launch two new electric trucks before 2021. One is a large all electric truck named Freightliner ecascadia, which can run about 250 miles after being fully charged, and the other is a medium-sized truck Freightliner em2. Daimler said that 30 ecascadia will be delivered to customers for testing later this year. Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler truck North America, said, "we are an undisputed global leader in the freight industry, and we intend to continue to maintain this position in the field of electric trucks and electric buses."

in fact, in addition to Daimler, Volvo and Tesla, which we are familiar with, who are continuously developing electric heavy trucks, many foreign truck manufacturers hope to seize the market opportunity of electric heavy trucks. The pure electric class 8 (above 15 tons) trucks produced by orange EV, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, have been commercialized; The 12 electric heavy trucks newly produced by American battery technology company TRANSpower will be used as demonstration vehicles for short distance transportation in 2018 and 2019

similar to the international market, the market demand for electric trucks in China is also expanding, and the application of electric trucks is gradually shifting from experimental application to marketization. Pure electric truck has become one of the most rapidly growing segments of the truck market in China. In China, BYD, SINOTRUK, Foton and other enterprises are also actively launching electric trucks

BYD has been researching and developing electric trucks since 2013. It is the first enterprise in China to invest in the research and development of new energy trucks, and also the first enterprise in China to put new energy trucks into commercial operation. At present, BYD new energy trucks have been put into operation in many cities around the world, and the number has exceeded 1000. Especially in the U.S. market, BYD new energy heavy truck accounts for more than 60% of the market share and is the largest pure electric truck manufacturer in the United States

therefore, it is required that the environmental test equipment must have the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use and long service life. In April this year, the world's first driverless electric truck - sinotruk HOWO t5g 6 × 4. The pure electric heavy truck has been put into trial operation in Tianjin port. For the first time, the L4 level driverless solution has been put into practice in the port, which can realize the whole process automated transportation of containers from the shore to the storage yard

in September this year, Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with BAIC Foton Motor Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Lishen will establish a joint venture battery production enterprise with Foton Motor. Foton Motor will make use of its technical advantages of new energy vehicles to invest in the construction of a new energy vehicle production base and a van refitting plant. After the establishment of the plant, it will form a production capacity of 40000 new energy light and medium truck products per year

liuguoqing, deputy director of SINOTRUK technology development center, said, At the same time, "China's new energy vehicles will enter a post subsidy era by imposing a 20% tariff on waste paper pulp. The dual credit policy for new energy commercial vehicles is brewing, and such an environment will return to the product itself. Whether from the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, energy security, improving the operation efficiency of commercial vehicles, or China National Heavy Duty Truck's willingness to catch up with the world's advanced, the innovative application of pure electric technology is of great significance."

under the background of increasingly serious environmental pollution, whether lithium iron phosphate battery, ternary lithium battery or hydrogen fuel cell are used, the research and promotion of electric trucks has become a global trend, and electric trucks will also become a new battlefield for power battery and automobile enterprises

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