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On February 21, the industrial coatings division of PPG industrial company launched a zirconium based metal pretreatment technology called zircobond 4500, which is specially designed for the strict temperature rise and corrosion resistance test of the household appliance industry

this new technology has only one step, which can replace the two-step process of iron series phosphating and passivation protection. It has simple steps, saves energy and is conducive to protection. It controls the normal operation of the electronic tensile testing machine to display the final test results in the form of curves or statements on the microcomputer; Environment and other advantages. It has passed the high-temperature cleaning agent immersion test, and meets the most stringent corrosion resistance and paint film adhesion performance standards in the household appliance industry, eliminating the use of chromium containing passivation protection process

it is understood that this technology is developed and innovated on the basis of the patented technology developed by PPG for the automotive industry. The original zircobond products have won 100 top R & D technology awards in the United States in 2008 because they help users save energy, water and reduce waste generation

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