Spring decoration creates the happiest sunny day

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Happy sunshine system, as its name implies, is to use the sunshine color system to match the sunny decorative effect. The morning sun is bright and clear, and everything is happy about it; The sunshine after the rain turns into a rainbow to show the beauty of the world When playing home in early spring, the first thing I think of is the happy sunshine collocation

happy sunshine bedroom color matching method

1. Rose red + light brown + bright yellow

create the sunny day of happiness in spring

rose red and yellow colors are used very much in spring, and happy sunshine bedroom has two colors enough. The rest is just to use a little brown and light yellow to enrich the space

2. Yellow + light blue + light brown

create the happiest sunny day in spring

large areas of lemon yellow walls complement striped home textiles. In order to make the space look more harmonious, the curtains and carpets can also be selected as the corresponding color system




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