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The quality improvement of consumer goods is related to the well-being of people's livelihood and is an important starting point for promoting supply side structural reform and meeting the demand side structural upgrading. As a large private economy province, Zhejiang attaches great importance to the standards and quality improvement of consumer goods, deeply implements the quality improvement strategy, and takes creating the brand of "made in Zhejiang" as the starting point to jointly promote the construction of a province with strong standards, quality and brand. It is understood that Zhejiang will bring the standardization of consumer goods into the construction of pilot provinces to promote the comprehensive reform of national standardization. The pilot work plan for the comprehensive reform of national standardization in Zhejiang Province lists the standardization of consumer goods as the key task of the pilot of the comprehensive reform of standardization, organizes the implementation of the "standardization +" action plan, promotes the research of enterprises in the field of key consumer goods, adopts international standards and foreign advanced standards, establishes a comparison and reporting system for consumer goods standards, and aims at key consumer products and bulk import and export products, Carry out the comparison of consumer goods quality standards with international standards and export standards in batches

at the same time, Zhejiang has accelerated the pace of formulating standards for consumer goods "made in Zhejiang". Innovatively put forward the "made in Zhejiang" standard development mode of "promotion association + standard leading organization + standard working group", and strengthened the formulation of advanced standards for "made in Zhejiang" consumer goods. At present, a total of 52 "made in Zhejiang" standards for consumer goods have been approved and issued, including household appliances, home decoration products, clothing and apparel products and other consumer goods. It is understood that Taizhou intelligent toilet Industry Association has led the release of the country's first intelligent toilet group standard, and 19 complete machine enterprises have established A-level and above standardization system. As the representative of Shengzhou kitchen utensils capital, Zhejiang Cohen Appliance Co., Ltd. and its boss, Fangtai, SHUAIKANG, etc. have issued the "made in Zhejiang" group standard for embedded domestic gas stoves, which is far superior to and higher than the current national standard for gas stoves, This is the self requirement of "made in Zhejiang"

as the only drafting unit of Shengzhou kitchen utensils capital that participated in the formulation of "made in Zhejiang" standards, Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance, a professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances of all categories, has participated in the drafting and formulation of national standards and industrial standards for many times, and has obtained a number of rights to speak on industrial technology research and development and product quality indicators. The standard laboratory with the "National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" issued by CNAs has formulated and implemented a number of product quality standards that are significantly stricter than national and industrial standards within the company, and added a number of indicators that are not required by national and industrial standards in terms of product internal control standards. Actively promote the construction of the brand of "made in Zhejiang" and the demonstration area for product quality improvement, and expand the brand benefits of the brand of "made in Zhejiang"

under the guidance of standards, Zhejiang enterprises vigorously carry out quality comparison, quality research, improve processes, transform products, and compete for the "made in Zhejiang" brand representing high quality. The enterprises that can obtain the "product standard" made in Zhejiang mean that they have experienced a rigorous screening and evaluation. "There should be standards for switches, gas, exhaust... Everywhere. The 'product standard' made in Zhejiang drives us to improve our understanding and management of quality, actively increase investment in research and development, and actively formulate industry-leading standards to ensure that each batch of products are benchmarked and up to standard". Yu Feng, chairman of Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., said that in addition to participating in the formulation of "made in Zhejiang" industry standards and improving the quality of their products, enterprises have also virtually pushed the upstream industry chain to improve industry standards to avoid being eliminated

next, Zhejiang Province will continue to carry out the pilot work of comprehensive national standardization reform, fully implement the standardization strategy, organize and implement the first batch of major provincial "standardization +" projects, and create a number of replicable and influential standardization achievements. Focusing on the eight trillion industries, ten traditional industries and other key areas, formulate the gradient cultivation list of "made in Zhejiang" key enterprises, implement precise cultivation, increase the publicity and promotion of the "made in Zhejiang" brand, establish a series of funds for the industrial investment of the brand "made in Zhejiang", promote qualified enterprises to layout the industrial chain globally, and make every effort to promote the regional public brand of the brand "made in Zhejiang"





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