Application of the hottest L-type sealing and cutt

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Application of L-type sealing and cutting machine

Application of L-type sealing and cutting machine

with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, all kinds of packaging appear in front of the people, all kinds of and dazzling, and the vast majority of plastic film packaging products cannot be separated from the credit of L-type sealing and cutting machine. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the L-type sealing and cutting machine produced by Zhengzhou qunhoe mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.

L-type sealing and cutting machine - Manual L-type sealing and cutting machine

production can replace bromine flame retardant for a variety of high molecular materials Product Description: Product Introduction: qunhoe brand manual L-type sealing and cutting machine fql450b, which completely adopts the most advanced anti stick and temperature resistant alloy sealing knife in China, effectively ensuring that the machine will not break and the sealing will not coking, No smoking and other common problems 5. Always keep the equipment clean and hygienic; Now. The machine has introduced the most advanced foreign technology, so that it can complete the sealing and cutting work at the same time. In order to highlight the powerful function of the machine, the machine can also be used together with the shrinking machine to give full play to the best function of the machine

technical parameters:

model fql-450b

power supply voltage 220v/hz

Power 1KW

sealing and cutting time seconds

there are two ways to choose from digital display and microcomputer screen display

maximum sealing size (length * width) 590*450mm

overall size 1050*700*1170mm

machine weight 50kg

packaging film POF, PVC

sound to July 8 all shut down production notice:

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