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Application of label printing ink

storage and management of label printing ink ■: how to store label printing ink correctly

guest: Generally speaking, in order to achieve better preservation effect, label printing ink should be stored in a closed container in a normal temperature, cool, dry, dark and ventilated environment

■: what other problems should be paid attention to in the storage and management of label printing ink

guest: we should pay attention to the following problems

(1) safety first, the ink should be stored away from fire and heat sources as far as possible to prevent accidents

(2) it is better to maintain a constant temperature in the ink warehouse, and the temperature difference between the ink warehouse and the printing workshop should not be too great. If the temperature difference between the two is large, the ink should be placed in the printing workshop in advance, which is not only conducive to the stability of ink performance, but also to ensure the high efficiency of production

(3) in some areas in the north, the weather is relatively cold in winter, so we should avoid storing the ink outdoors to prevent the ink from gelling under low temperature. If the ink gels, 2. Then check whether the serial port cable is connected with the computer to transfer it to a warehouse with higher temperature, or put it into hot water to restore the insoluble matter to its original state

(4) in the storage and management of ink, the principle of "first in, first out" should also be followed, that is, the ink purchased first should be used first, so as to prevent the ink from affecting its use due to long storage time

(5) ink also has a certain shelf life. If it is stored too long, various components in the ink formula may separate and precipitate. Therefore, the ink should not be stored for a long time. Generally, the storage period is about 1 year, otherwise it may affect the printing quality and even cause printing failure

(6) the remaining ink after printing must be sealed and stored in the dark, which can be reused in future production. Before reuse, it must be filtered with more than 100 meshes, fully stirred, and then mixed with new ink

■: how does the label printing factory effectively manage the label printing ink in actual production

guest: in actual production, label printing plants generally set up a special material management department, which is responsible for the unified management of raw and auxiliary materials, including ink. The most important thing is to establish a sound material management system. You are welcome to consult the management system, formulate reasonable feeding and picking procedures, and implement strict warehousing and ex warehouse procedures. In other words, a special person is responsible for the management of ink, and the ink products are stored in different areas according to categories to avoid misuse. In addition, the type, origin, batch, quantity and requisition of ink should be recorded in detail to ensure the traceability of products

source of information: Chinese ink

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