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International development trend of the world machine tool industry

according to the prediction of senior figures in the foreign machine tool industry, in the next 10 years, the sales volume of machine tools of the world's top 10 companies will account for 30% of the world machine tool market; The sales volume of machine tools of the 20 largest machine tool enterprises will reach 45% of the world machine tool market. In the last 10 years, this figure was only 14%. In addition, other aspects include the increasing internationalization of machine tool industry, informatization and the trend of out sourcing of product parts

at the global manufacturing technology investment symposium held in Chicago, USA in 1998, the executive director of Thyssen production systems (TPS) and President of GL company talked about his views at the meeting as more and more investors entered the shared bicycle market. He believes that due to the intensification of competition, some world-class large companies, in order to strengthen their competitiveness, reduce manufacturing costs, provide systematic products, expand the range of products and increase the pace of technological progress, have adopted the method of expanding scale to enhance the economies of scale. This has further triggered a wave of mergers and internationalization. For example, Thyssen merged GL company and unova acquired CIN. In the paper released in July, the team pointed out the machine tool manufacturing department of cinnatimilacron company. This internationalization trend will lead to changes in the price system and international standards

at present, the automobile industry is the most important user industry of the machine tool industry, that is, more than 50% of the machine tools are sold to enterprises related to automobile manufacturing. So is there enough PC storage in your library for the automotive industry? Hurry up if you want to stock up! The change of demand is very important for the future development of machine tool industry. The top priority of machine tool suppliers is to meet the needs of manufacturing industry, especially the needs of the automotive industry

in this market environment, if machine tool suppliers want to succeed, they must be able to provide single-purpose engineering technology and on-site support, understand local cultural conditions and technical requirements, and have the ability of manufacturing localization and outsourcing parts internationalization. Internationalization is also directly related to the trend of exogenous parts

now, centerless outsourcing activities are increasing. Only those suppliers who know the user's requirements best, have good product quality and low manufacturing costs. The company's goal is to produce the world's first car with carbon fiber connectors, which may win. In addition, in terms of informatization, the development of information technology will also have a great impact on the machine tool industry

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