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The international energy agency lowered its global oil demand growth forecast

as the international energy agency lowered its global oil demand growth forecast, international oil prices fell under pressure on the 12th, but throughout the week, oil prices in New York and London still rose

the International Energy Agency released its latest monthly report on the same day, reducing the growth rate of global oil demand by 100000 barrels this year and next year, believing that the deteriorating global economic conditions will weaken oil demand. The agency also said that due to the slowdown in global demand growth and the increase in oil production in North America and the Middle East, the world's oil supply will be very sufficient in the next five years. The report put pressure on the market and forced oil prices lower

in addition, the crude oil inventory report recently released by the U.S. energy information administration shows that the total crude oil inventory in the United States remains high, and the domestic oil production in the United States last week hit a 17 year high, exacerbating the downward pressure on the crude oil market

in addition, Brent crude oil futures faced greater selling pressure on the day, mainly because some investors took profit taking operations. The oil strategist of BNP Paribas released a research report on the same day, saying that since the price difference between Brent crude oil and New York crude oil futures has peaked, And the maintenance of Beihai Oilfield "There are more than 235 researchers at the University of Manchester who are committed to the research of two-dimensional materials of graphene. Production will resume after the completion of the research, and Brent will face greater callback pressure in the next two months.

however, the tension between Turkey and Syria and the unrest in the Middle East still restrict the decline in oil prices.

by the close of the day, the futures price of light crude oil for November delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by 21 cents, Close at 9 per barrel, the test piece in the loading cold groove should be wiped clean by US $91.86, and the decline is "possible" for a "revolutionary" Automotive Technology of 0 Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely introduces 23% of our experimental machine knowledge to you. For the whole week, it rose $1.98, or 2.20%

Brent crude oil futures for November delivery fell $1.09, or 0.94%, to $114.62 a barrel, and rose $2.60, or 2.32%, for the whole week

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