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International crude oil futures closed down 1 on September 4 and its subsequent use of capital 2%

international crude oil futures closed down 1.2% on September 4

September 5, 2013

[China paint information] in the early morning of September 5, Beijing time, on Wednesday (September 4), energy market participants continued to assess the follow-up development of the Syrian crisis, When the United States will carry out a disciplinary military strike against the Syrian government forces using chemical weapons will have an impact on the oil supply situation in the Middle East, and how to convert low-density plastics into fuel is now economically feasible, which is also the focus of market attention; On the other hand, investors chose to wait and see the day before the release of the official U.S. energy product inventory data, waiting for further evaluation of the crude oil supply level news. The crude oil price fell below the $108 per barrel mark, reaching the lowest level in more than a week, and the main crude oil contract closed at $107.23 per barrel

the main October crude oil contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $1.31 on Wednesday (September 4) to close at $107.23 a barrel, down 1.2%. This is the lowest closing price of the main contract since August 26 through professional CNC computer processing of high-precision mold production

the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on a proposal authorizing the US government to carry out military strikes against Syria on Wednesday (September 4). This proposal, which is almost certain to be approved, will then be sent to the Senate and house of representatives for a formal vote. Since many heavyweights, including the speaker of the house of Representatives and Republican John Boehner, have expressed their support for President Obama's Syrian action line, it is expected that Congress will also authorize military punishment against the Assad regime accused of using chemical weapons

analysis points out that under this certainty, crude oil, which has risen by 2.5% during August, will also end the "fear driven rally", which is also a classic "buy according to rumors, sell after confirming the facts"

on Wednesday (September 4), after the end of the energy market transaction, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the resolution authorizing military action against Syria; The vote of the house and Senate is expected to take place in the week after the start of the new session of Congress on September 9. Crude oil prices rose slightly to $107.30 a barrel in the subsequent electronic session

the October contract of London Brent crude oil on the Intercontinental Exchange, the European benchmark contract, also fell 77 cents on Wednesday (September 4) to close at $114.91 a barrel, down 0.7%

market participants pointed out that the decline in the quotation of Brent crude oil contract and West Texas Intermediate crude oil contract showed that investors had quickly turned their attention to the demand outlook for energy products

the energy information administration of the U.S. Department of energy will release the latest inventory report of energy products on Thursday (September 5). Market research shows that analysts generally expect the U.S. Commodity crude oil inventory to decrease by 2.5 million barrels, gasoline inventory to decrease by 1 million barrels, and distillate oil inventory, including diesel and distillate fuel oil, to increase by 800000 barrels in the week ending August 30

in terms of other energy products, the gasoline contract in October was flat at $2.86 per gallon on Wednesday (September 4); In October, distillate fuel oil fell 1 cent over the same period to close at $3.14 per gallon, a decrease of 0.4%

the energy information administration will also release the latest natural gas inventory report on Thursday (September 5). Market research shows that analysts generally expect natural gas inventories to increase by 53billion cubic feet to 57billion cubic feet in the week ending August 30

on Wednesday (September 4), the October natural gas contract rose nearly 2 cents to close at $3.68 per million British thermal units, an increase of 0.5%, extending 22% on Tuesday (September 3) After the product equipment is in place 4% increase

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