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The application of KMAS CAE Technology in the field of automobile manufacturing

a manufacturer who has mastered CAD and CAM technology is more concerned about whether the stamping parts can be formed and whether the product quality can be qualified. Due to the complexity of the geometry of stamping parts, it is difficult to estimate the formability of sheet metal in the stamping process, so that the correctness of die design is often unpredictable. When problems are exposed after mold processing, it will cause great difficulties to mold debugging, and even the whole design will be scrapped

in order to solve this problem, the body and Die Engineering Research Institute (formerly known as the automobile panel forming technology research institute) led by Professor Hu Ping of Jilin University has carried out long-term, in-depth and detailed basic theoretical research in the formability analysis of stamping parts, computer simulation, die design and manufacturing since 1985. More than 30 experts and professors from seven disciplines, including automotive body engineering, engineering mechanics, metal pressure processing, material science, machinery manufacturing, computational mathematics and computer, were organized to jointly tackle key problems. After nearly nine years of hard work, we rely entirely on our own strength, A commercial CAE software system KMAS for elastic-plastic large deformation finite element simulation of panel parts is developed independently (including die surface geometric modeling design and cad-cae-cam special interface software, lattice automatic generator, material database based on standardized material parameter experiment, pre processor, explicit and semi explicit time integration elastic-plastic large deformation, large strain sheet metal forming finite element solver and post processor)

kmas CAE technology is to simulate the real process of stamping parts forming in the mold on the computer before manufacturing the mold, inform the user whether the mold structure design and process conditions are reasonable, and finally provide the user with the best mold design process plan, with a reliability of more than 80%. Thus, the mold design and manufacturing cycle can be shortened by 2/5 (for complex molds), and the mold quality and product qualification rate can be improved, which can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost and enhance the market competitiveness of products

in terms of sheet metal stamping formability analysis, KMAS system is integrated with CAD and CAM software commonly used in the market, realizing the integration from mold design, surface modeling, formability analysis to the formation of mold NC machining trajectory

The KMAS software system has the following characteristics:

simulate the whole process of sheet metal stamping

the KMAS software system can realize the whole process simulation of complex stamping parts from blank clamping, blank pressing surface constraint, drawbead setting, stamping loading, unloading springback and trimming springback, and the accuracy is very high

predict forming defects

quantitatively analyze the elastic and plastic deformation process of thin metal sheets through unique mathematical models and algorithms, and accurately predict forming defects such as cracking, wrinkling, agitation, springback, etc

analyze the influence of press speed

kmas software system includes the effect of forming speed, which can reflect the impact of mechanical or hydraulic presses with different stamping speeds on the current port freight from Indonesia to southern China 2.5 ⑶ 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); (4) the influence of its speed on the formability of stamping parts in the press forming process of USD/ton (50.6 million tons) makes the simulation process closer to the real forming process

optimize the shape of the blank, and automatically calculate the best shape and size of the expanded blank according to the flow and deformation of the metal sheet in the mold

anisotropy and springback

simulate the influence of anisotropy produced in the rolling process on stamping forming, and calculate the springback after drawing and trimming

at present, the system can simulate the forming process of stamping parts with any complexity, as well as unloading springback and trimming springback. The commercialized software KMAS (Chinese and English versions) has been successfully applied in more than ten automobile and mold manufacturing enterprises in China, including FAW. It is expanding to other domestic enterprises and overseas markets with its advantages in good cost performance, simple operation and high simulation accuracy

kmas - "automobile panel forming simulation and die design cad/cae/cam integrated system", as a national key scientific and technological research project of the ninth five year plan completed by the body and die Research Institute of Jilin University and Jilin Jinge mold waste plastic particle 1 Engineering Research Center, can well solve the "bottleneck" problem of independent development of automobile body and die manufacturing in China's automobile industry. Now it has been extended to aviation Communication and other industries related to cold stamping

the following are several application examples of KMAS software:

1. Simulation of deep drawing fracture and wrinkle of CA488 Engine Oil Pan indicates that the deformation characteristics of "xiaohongqi" car engine "488" oil pan stamping parts of China FAW Group Corporation are deep drawing and easy to produce local wrinkles and cracks. FAW has spent about a year and a half to develop products that need to be drawn twice but still have wrinkles in some parts, with a yield of about 90%. Using KMAS software and other high-tech means, the design, analysis and manufacturing tasks (cad/cae/cam integration) of the drawing die surface (convex and concave die surface) of the primary drawing oil pan can be realized by connecting with the user local area to realize the remote output of data. In order to reduce the cost of the manufacturer, after a lot of repeated simulation calculation, analysis and prediction, it was improved on the old mold. Finally, only ten blanks were used to draw successfully at one time

2. Stamping die for satellite communication antenna reflector

stamping deformation of satellite transmitting antenna reflector is a typical shallow drawing springback, trimming springback and its control problem. Due to the large size of the reflecting mirror and the complex rebound law, it is quite difficult in technology. Our company establishes a mathematical model according to the product map provided by the enterprise, and the institute conducts two springback simulation of this mirror through the computer. Finally, the cad/cae/cam integration from mold design and modeling, formability and Springback Analysis to the generation of mold surface and even the machining tool path of the whole set of mold equipment is realized. In addition, the network transmission of NC machining data is directly carried out by using the Internet. Users produce according to the tool path curve of mold processing provided by our company, which shortens the mold making and mold testing cycle originally planned to be completed in more than two years, greatly reduces the production cycle and mold processing cost, and saves a lot of money for the enterprise

3. Jeep (Challenger) side frame stamping process simulation

Beijing Jeep Automobile Co., Ltd. wants to launch a new generation of off-road model bj2 (Challenger) independently developed. After completing the overall body and parts design and trial production verification, it is ready to start production preparations such as the body sheet metal drawing die structure design. In order to shorten the mold debugging cycle and reduce the mold making cost, it is necessary to pre analyze the stamping formability CAE process and verify the product design of thousands of stamping parts with large degree, such as bj2 main forming difficult tension testing machine, pressure testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, shear tearing testing machine, etc., so as to avoid various problems that cannot be predicted by experience. The stamping formability analysis and process modeling design of the three complex parts of the side door frame body, the front floor and the center pillar reinforcing plate are carried out, and the quantitative verification method is used to optimize the process mold modeling design

4. Simulation of the forming of the lower rocker arm of the car front suspension

this part is formed by stamping the upper and lower parts respectively, and then automatically welding by the manipulator. The workpiece is made through five processes, including blanking, forming and punching. The stamping process is essentially a kind of free bending deformation. The convex part is shrinkage flanging, and the concave part is tensile flanging. After bending and forming, the vertical wall rebound of the workpiece is too large, resulting in too large gap after the upper and lower pieces are combined, and the reliability is affected due to poor fitting and weak welding. Through the calculation and comparison with KMAS software system, the forming scheme and process measures with the minimum springback are selected, so as to improve the welding quality of parts

5. Stamping process of car rear suspension spring support

the spring support is a left-right symmetrical part, and the original stamping process of the part is 15. First, a boss with a central inner diameter of 27mm and a height of 26mm is formed through five processes, and then the overall contour shape is formed through single action deep drawing. After using KMAS to analyze the formability, the production process is reduced from the original 15 steps to less than 10 steps, which improves the production efficiency and solves the problem of drawing fracture near the process incision at the back end of the workpiece

6. Jeep (Challenger) floor stamping process

KMAS software system is used to simulate the drawing forming process of floor stamping parts, predict in advance the defects such as deformation beyond the design range, front end fracture, top surface wrinkle, etc., verify the processibility of existing product modeling, put forward quantitative modification opinions for the structures and dimensions with poor processibility, and improve the drawing process structure and parameters The optimal process scheme is given. Coordinate product design and process design, so as to shorten the development cycle and improve product quality

7. The stamping process of the traction frame of metro passenger cars

the traction frame is an important force bearing part in the walking system, which is formed by flanging with 8mm thick steel plate. The workpiece formed by the original process plan has serious material accumulation and cracks at the corners of the two arcs, which greatly reduces the strength of the workpiece and becomes a potential safety hazard. Using KMAS for analysis and calculation, the best blank size and process parameters are quickly obtained. Without changing the mold, the accumulation and cracks of the workpiece are eliminated, and the product quality and reliability are greatly improved

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