A new breakthrough has been made in the container

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Yantai port has achieved new breakthroughs in container business.

since this year, Yantai port has actively promoted the development of container routes, strengthened coordination and communication with shipping companies, visited customers in depth, consolidated and expanded business results with win-win cooperation, sincerity and high-quality and efficient services, and achieved new breakthroughs in container business

In the month of

, 123000 TEUs were completed, of which 59000 TEUs were completed in February, with a year-on-year increase of 136.5% and 180.1% respectively, both of which are the largest number of major coastal ports in China based on the testing standards for cement. At present, the circum Bohai Bay branch line has been opened to all seven ports in the Bohai Bay, and there are nine transportation ships. Among them, Yantai Tianjin, Yantai Yingkou and Yantai Dalian routes have realized weekly 5 classes, and in mid March, with the continuous deepening of science and technology, weekly 7 classes will be reached in ten days; The main line has opened Yantai Shanghai, Yantai Huangpu and Yantai Quanzhou routes, with 15 transportation ships, of which the Yantai Shanghai route has realized 6 weekly flights and the Yantai Huangpu route has realized the next day flights

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