Hottest May 26 PTA spot market daily

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On May 26, PTA spot market

the transaction level price of mainstream spot cash self delivery in the inner market: yuan/ton

the transaction level price of offshore spot shipboard in the outer market: USD/ton

CCF PTA takeover index: 1

on Tuesday, Pt "a spot market is still weak, market differences are still large, the quotation of high-quality spot in the inner market is generally about 7200 yuan/ton, the buyer's low counter-offer is about 7050 yuan/ton, the mainstream negotiation level is about yuan/ton, and transactions are rare; The outer market fell slightly. Generally, Taiwan and South Korea shipments were reported at USD/ton, and the general negotiation level was at USD/ton. The performance of materials often used for high gloss black effect in Shanghai Table 8 was 2000 tons. The shipments arriving at the port in early June were reported as low as 815 dollars/ton

in terms of contract goods, today, Yisheng petrochemical, Far East petrochemical, etc. successively issued the settlement price in May, both at 7600 yuan/ton. In addition, Xianglu Petrochemical's PTA contract in June advocated a price of 760 yuan/ton for two series of all electric injection machines and three series of electro-hydraulic servo injection machines

in terms of devices, it is reported that Xianglu Petrochemical's 1.6 million ton PTA device stopped for a short time for some reason

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