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Using copper plating as the electrode material of solar cells is expected to reduce the cost by 5% to 7%

at present, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells on the market is about 20% to 21% on average. Generally, silver conductive adhesive printed by printing is mostly used as the electrode material, accounting for about 12% to 14% of the cost of solar cells, and it is easy to fluctuate with the price of precious metals. However, if copper electroplating electrode is used instead, it is expected to reduce the cost by 5% to 7%

the characteristics of copper electrode are that its conductivity is equivalent to that of silver, its contact resistance is better than that of silver glue, its advantages such as cracking the war of Chinese manufacturing industry, and it does not need high-temperature processing technology. It can also further reduce the electrode line, which is the fastest-growing field in the world, and increase the illumination area. It is also expected to improve the absolute efficiency of the battery by more than 0.2%. Although foreign research institutions or manufacturers, including the Belgian intercollegiate Electronic Research Center (IMEC), have invested in the development of input computers, the stability and long-term reliability of mass production have not yet reached the mass production standard. Hu Yaozu, director of the Green Energy Institute of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, believes that as long as Taiwan factories master the key technology, the overall benefits can increase the gross profit margin by 6% to 8%, and there is a chance to enter the international copper electrode battery market first

therefore, with the support of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs, Taiwan Industrial Research Institute has established a "copper plated electrode solar cell technology platform", which is the first copper electrode solar cell technology pilot production line in China. With small-scale rapid pilot production and value-added services, it assists the industry in developing copper electrode solar cell technology. In addition to traditional solar cells, it can also be applied to heterojunction solar cells, n-type double-sided solar cells On perc battery and IBC back electrode battery

at present, maodi, Yujing and Yuanjing have been added, and the small-scale mass production electroplating equipment has been built. It is estimated that the average output can be 200 pieces per hour, which is expected to effectively reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's solar energy industry

in this regard, due to the lack of effective supervision and management, Huang Guiwu, deputy general manager of Yujing energy research and development department, said that with the improvement of solar cell efficiency and the reduction of overall solar power generation cost, the future growth of solar cells can be expected. However, this will also make the demand for limited silver reserves increasing. How to reduce silver consumption, on the one hand, it is very important to improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce costs

Hu Yaozu said that if the industry cooperates with the Industrial Research Institute and uses the "copper plated electrode solar cell technology platform" to carry out technology development, testing and verification, it can accurately evaluate the future mass production benefits. In addition to reducing the initial R & D costs of the industry, it can also speed up the solution of common technical problems through the operation of the platform. With the joint investment of other industries, it can also pool the technical energy of the solar photovoltaic industry

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