Copper consumption increases driven by the hottest

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The 15th Shanghai derivatives market forum was held in Shanghai. At the "Jiangxi Copper special session" of the nonferrous forum hosted by Jiangxi Copper Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by Jinrui Futures Co., Ltd., the research director of brilliance Consulting Co., Ltd. pointed out in a keynote speech on "new applications of copper materials in the transportation and home appliance industries", that the use of copper in a single device is increasing, Technological innovation has also affected the rapid increase in the total use of copper

he said that "made in China 2025" is the only way to upgrade China's manufacturing industry, but made in China faces many challenges. China's labor cost has been higher than that of other developing countries, and will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future. Due to the lack of core technology, China has to import a large number of core parts and basic materials. For example, in high-end excavators, the cost of imported parts is close to 50% of the total cost

"made in China 2025" is the basis and Realization of "industrial 4 variable 1 extensive plastic granulator as a combined and intelligent plastic granulator.0". The relative error of the indicated value is ± 0.5%. Huang Fangqing said that "made in China 2025" can solve the problem of "made in China", which is the basis and way to realize "industry 4.0". The problem of how to make "industry 4.0" is to realize the method that zhitanzi et al. Also found that PCU can be made more stably in alkaline environment in vitro. And one of the materials is copper. Copper has the advantages of new applications, more energy saving and recycling. New technologies change the density of copper, and new demand affects the use of copper. The increase in the use of copper in single equipment such as power equipment, advanced rail transit equipment, high-end machine tools and robots is due to the higher copper density brought about by technological upgrading. In this way, the total market volume of copper will increase, and the increase in the total volume will lead to the increase in the total amount of copper used

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