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The newly-built houses in Shanghai will be fully decorated

the fully decorated houses designed to "save people worry, effort and money" will be launched in Shanghai this year after the construction of 30000 units last year, and the newly-built houses will basically be fully decorated in 2005. It is reported that the residents' satisfaction rate of the pilot project of the Municipal Housing Development Bureau is as high as 95%. At the same time, some real estate developers smell the potential market opportunities of fully decorated houses, and also compete to advertise, launching "hardbound houses" and "fully decorated houses" with different quality, and complaints about quality, service and other aspects also appear. A person in charge of complaints from the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association said that after the Spring Festival this year, the number of inquiries and complaints about fully decorated houses has increased than before. From the content of the complaint, some of these "fully decorated houses" are decorated by subsidiaries derived from developers, and some decoration companies are not even member units of the decoration industry association. Once problems occur in their "fully decorated" houses, the after-sales service is difficult to guarantee, and the association is unable to effectively supervise them in terms of industry self-discipline. According to an expert from the Shanghai Housing Development Bureau, a fully decorated house refers to a commercial house in which the fixed surfaces of all functional spaces are paved or painted and the basic equipment of the kitchen and bathroom are installed before the house is turned key. Obviously, "blank house plus decoration" is not a fully decorated house. The implementation of fully decorated houses is intended to gradually eliminate blank houses and directly provide consumers with fully decorated finished houses, so that people can get tangible benefits. At the same time, standardize the decoration market and promote the housing decoration production from disorder to order. In order to regulate the fully decorated housing market, since the second half of last year, Shanghai Housing Development Bureau has issued a series of normative documents on the pilot project of fully decorated new residential buildings. For example, it is clear that the real estate development enterprise is the first responsible person for the fully decorated residence and undertakes the corresponding after-sales service; The brand and model of decoration materials must be clear; Fully decorated residential houses must be complete commercial houses. The house price sold should include the price of blank houses and the decoration price. The development enterprise shall not charge decoration fees separately; Quality assurance certificate and operation manual must be provided; Development enterprises must build model houses and show consumers the delivery standards. The decoration quality at the time of delivery shall not be lower than the level of model houses, and model houses shall not be demolished before buyers move in; It is stipulated that the minimum warranty period for the decoration quality of the fully decorated house by the developer is 2 years, and the warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the fully decorated house. It is revealed that Shanghai Housing Development Bureau is carrying out "citizens' comments on fully decorated houses" and "collection of excellent decoration plans". The decoration industry association is preparing to build a "fully decorated Housing Research Center" to help family decoration enterprises train project managers and improve the level and qualification of decoration enterprises. Relevant parties are also discussing the new contract text and relevant regulations





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