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With the improvement of people's living standards, many young people will prepare a special elderly room for their elderly parents to live in. Compared with ordinary rooms, the elderly room is more targeted in the selection of furniture, the creation of space and other aspects. So do you know what Feng Shui taboos are in the decoration of old people's houses? Don't worry. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network tells you that we must pay attention to the health of the elderly at home

2017 Feng Shui taboos for elderly housing decoration:

1. Furniture selection

elderly people generally have inconvenient legs and feet, so we should give full consideration to them when choosing furniture. In order to prevent bumps, avoid using furniture that is square and angular. In particular, some elderly people don't like high-grade sofa beds. When choosing beds, they should be appropriate in height, which should be convenient for getting up and down, sleeping and taking daily necessities under the bed when lying in bed

2. The decoration should be sound proof

one of the key points of the decoration of the elderly's room is to be quiet, and the most basic requirement is that the sound insulation effect of doors, windows and walls is good, and they are not affected by the outside world. You know, sometimes just a little noise will affect the rest of the elderly, so we must prevent the interference of noise

3. The color should not be too bright

in the choice of color in the elderly room, we should focus on the simple, peaceful and calm decorative color. If the wall is milky white, it can be equipped with lively, not boring furniture. Of course, it should also be determined according to the personal preferences of the elderly, but it must not be too bright

4. Direction Chaoyang

the elderly room should be set in the Chaoyang room as far as possible, because in Feng Shui, the northwest is the positive position of parents, which is conducive to the elderly to sleep, but the deficiency is the heavy cold, which has a certain impact on the health of the elderly. But in fact, rooms with sufficient sunlight in the southeast and South are the most suitable

5. Don't set it in the center of the house

don't set it in the center of the house to avoid family activities disturbing the rest of the elderly. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it would be better to set the old people's room in the northwest, but it should be noted that the northwest is relatively cold, so remember to take warm measures

6. Avoid putting indecent ornaments

people's houses should put some landscape flower and bird paintings that symbolize longevity, health and happiness, or some calligraphy crafts, and avoid putting wind chimes and some vulgar, indecent and unclean ornaments

7. Don't dim the light

the lighting of the elderly's room must not be dim, mainly bright, because it can ensure the safety and convenience of the elderly at home. The old man has bad eyes. Reading in the room needs enough light. At the same time, it is convenient for the old man to get up at night

Xiaobian's summary: for the elderly, the living room is their permanent place, but as they get older, their living requirements are obviously different from those of young people, such as anti-skid, lighting, layout, Feng Shui, etc., which need special design. I hope that after reading the above content, we can create a comfortable living environment for the elderly at home

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