Decoration settlement payment verification project

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Generally, there will be a certain gap between the final settlement and the early budget. How much difference is reasonable depends on the specific situation of the decoration. Therefore, our owners should pay more attention to the settlement. If they don't understand it, they should find someone who knows how to accept the project, and then they can settle the project funds. Next, the editor will introduce how to make smart settlement of decoration funds

generally speaking, after the completion of the project, the settlement of the project includes the following five steps: first, verify the project, second, retest the quantity, third, compare the budget, fourth, calculate the increase and decrease costs, and finally sign for approval. The owners should pay attention to doing enough steps in settlement to avoid being cheated

I: the first step of verifying the project

settlement is to review and verify the project according to the initial project list. Some contractors will increase or decrease or change some projects during the decoration process. Of course, some changes and additions are reasonable and necessary, which goes beyond the provisions of the original contract, so we must verify the project

II: retest quantity

after verifying the items, we need to retest the quantity of the project, especially if it exceeds the provisions of the original contract. How to charge after changing and adding items is the most likely place to cause disputes during settlement

III: compare the budget

the third step is to compare the budget to see how far the final settlement is from the calculation. For example, the total quotation of an owner's decoration has increased from 17000 to 28000. More than 5000 more than the original estimate. When the contract was signed, the total price was seventeen thousand, with floor tiles and water and electricity renovation added, but after the TV cabinet and cement cabinet were removed, there was still a lot more. Why? This is our owners need to pay attention to see where the extra budget is used

IV: calculate the increase and decrease expenses

after comparing the budget, if the settlement is different from the budget, our business owners should pay attention to where to calculate the increase and decrease expenses. Some home decoration companies use the concept that the owners are mostly laymen, and calculate more expenses during settlement. It is also common for decoration companies to only quote labor prices for a process, not including material costs. They did not make it clear in advance. In the actual construction process, whether the material costs are self purchased or entrusted to the company, consumers have to pay extra. Our owners should pay attention to these

V: sign for approval

the final step of settlement is to sign for approval when all items are accepted and it is confirmed that there is no dispute




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