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In the next two years: 20% of painted wood door factories are out - solid wood composite doors or door enterprises need to seek a breakthrough

in the next few years, with the strong entry of some large household enterprises and export-oriented door enterprises, the domestic painted wood door industry will enter the integration period in advance. The main battlefield of painted wooden doors in the future will also be transferred from first tier cities to second and third tier cities. Door enterprises operating second and third tier regional brands, especially solid wood composite door enterprises with relatively simple production technology, will be impacted first. Because compared with solid wood doors and raw wood doors, solid wood composite doors are more mechanized and streamlined, and are easier to form mass production, so it is easier to intervene

some experts predict that in the next two years, 20% of domestic paint wood door enterprises will close down, and solid wood composite doors may bear the brunt. With the entry of the "Legion", some small and medium-sized enterprises in the paint wood door industry, especially those mainly producing solid wood composite doors, will face difficulties

how should small and medium-sized enterprises avoid this disaster? The author believes that the best competition is to avoid competition. Because the "big Legion" often focuses on "quantity". If small and medium-sized enterprises can find more breakthroughs in "quality" and lock in the part of consumers that suits them, it is the best choice. In terms of products, we should find breakthroughs in the following aspects

one: product first, seek "right" innovation in style design, and take the road of differentiation

because the door edge and door core board of solid wood composite door are mostly density board pasted with solid wood skin, so the stability is relatively good, and the adaptability to the surrounding environment is also very strong. Paint wood door market from northeast to Guangzhou, from Shandong to Shaanxi, most manufacturers' product lines are based on solid wood composite. At present, the market of solid wood composite doors is very chaotic, and there are many styles of products from low-end to high-end, resulting in the chaos of the solid wood composite door market. In the future, the competition of solid wood composite doors will be the most fierce in the painted wood door market

solid wood doors and raw wood doors are not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also complex and creative. Whether in wood carving production or paint finishing, many processes can never be replaced by machinery, and it is difficult to realize streamlined operation. Paint wood door enterprises, if they work harder on solid wood doors and develop more new models, may have a foothold of their own when the wood door market integration period comes

style innovation is the biggest problem perplexing the development of paint wood door enterprises at present. The innovative style of wooden doors puts forward higher requirements for designers. First of all, designers need to be familiar with the structure of wooden door products, familiar with product production equipment, and understand the mechanical performance and processing capacity of woodworking; Secondly, designers should also understand the process and production cost of the materials used in the product; Thirdly, designers should understand the needs of the market and consumers

through the investigation and Research on the exhibition and major domestic markets, the author found that in recent years, the style of wooden door products in China is generally lack of novelty and serious homogenization. Most of the wooden door products produced are neither Chinese nor foreign, neither elegant nor vulgar, neither nondescript nor beautiful. Most of the wooden door styles that can attract the attention of consumers are those of many years ago. The existing wooden door style, on the basis of the original style, even if changed, can not escape the shadow of the original brand. At present, the domestic wooden door style shows such a trend: the phenomenon of imitating dongweili, Haoli, Runcheng Chuangzhan and guanniu appears in the South; The North appeared to imitate zhuoyou, Huahe, Honghe and yulinglong

small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises imitate the styles of large enterprises, while large wooden door enterprises cannot innovate product styles due to the lack of excellent design talents. How can Chinese door enterprises develop in this way

the author interviewed many wooden door factory owners, and learned from them that the paint wooden door manufacturers are extremely short of excellent designers. Many bosses report that at present, most wooden door designers are either "mechanical operators" or "visionaries". "Mechanical operators" only understand CAD drawing without aesthetic and creative inspiration; "Visionaries" are far away from the market and are not familiar with the structure of wooden doors. They design products based on their own imagination, without considering such issues as production costs, machining capacity, and the impact of various wood and raw material ratios on the internal quality of wooden doors

now, more than 90% of wooden door manufacturers want to seek breakthroughs in product styles. They spared no expense in looking for excellent design talents everywhere. However, although the talents were invited, the design of the door did not conform to the principle of mechanical equipment, or because the designer did not understand the structure of the wooden door, the quality of the designed wooden door could not be guaranteed, or the production cost was too high

what's more terrifying is that some designers even sneaked into the design drawings of the company they worked for before and came to the new company to cheat. As a result, as soon as the products were listed, the enterprise found that they were similar to others' products. It has brought great losses to the enterprise. The light ones need compensation and apology, and the heavy ones will go to court. For example, at an exhibition in Beijing in 2007, because the products exhibited were exactly the same, there was a style dispute between the two enterprises, which caused a sensation in the industry

the attractive charm of painted wooden doors largely lies in their unique design. Since its emergence, its products have given all practitioners broad creative space. This kind of creation belongs to the fields of culture, art, technology and aesthetics. It has no absolute connection with the wealth and social status of the creator. This provides a fair competition opportunity for many small and medium-sized enterprises whose capital strength is far inferior to that of large-scale enterprises. Painted wooden doors not only create works that are widely praised by consumers, but also create millions, millions and even billionaires

second: return to products, seek breakthroughs in technology, and let the audience pay for good quality

but solid wood doors and raw wood doors are easy to crack and deform, because the material of solid wood doors and raw wood doors is mainly a whole piece of wood, and the stress problem of wood itself cannot be changed by external forces, so it is impossible to completely avoid deformation and cracking. This technical problem has always plagued solid wood door enterprises, and it is also the crux of many enterprises that mainly produce solid wood composite doors. They dare not cross the thunder pond and transform the production of solid wood doors

at the same time, solid wood doors are mostly made of all kinds of solid wood Glulam, finger joint wood and sawn veneer; Raw wood doors are generally made of single wood and horizontal panels, and these raw materials are very limited. With the introduction of a series of restrictive national directives, deforestation has been included in the scope of planned implementation, so the wood raw materials that can be provided each year are also decreasing year by year

the author suggests that solid wood door and raw wood door manufacturers should think more about product structure, new material invention, energy conservation and environmental protection. For example, the patented product "Luban tenon frame wood door base material" recently invented by Wuhan linzhijie Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is made of coniferous trees of fast-growing wood, broad-leaved trees of non-standard board and short head material and social abandoned wood. It has a wide range of raw materials, low cost, superior physical properties and high cost performance. Moreover, its board selection is very flexible. The products are divided into four grades: sharp, high, medium and low, which can adapt to consumers at different levels, and the market coverage is very wide

the author learned in an interview with its inventor, Mr. Wang Renzhong, that this material is currently only suitable for making core board substrates for solid wood doors. Luban tenon frame wooden door base material is strictly screened and carefully placed, and is designed according to the principle of wood material mechanics to minimize the internal stress. Through "reasonable assortment of materials, scientific fiber layout and ingenious production technology", it can realize its "good physical performance", which can be used in rooms with geothermal heating devices, and also in rooms with high humidity and containing alkali, acid, biogas and other harsh conditions

in addition, the movable adjustable frame independently developed by Yingkou zhuoyou Wooden Door Co., Ltd. can not only save materials, but also freely retract within 3-5 cm on both sides of the door pocket, which can meet the current needs of different sizes of building door openings in China. This technology can realize a certain amount of batch inventory of solid wood composite doors. I believe that in the near future, paint wood door enterprises can make more breakthroughs through technological innovation (the author has actually investigated this invention)

Third: pay attention to the choice of auxiliary materials, make artistic products, and generate brand premium

as a durable consumer goods, painted wooden doors can be accepted by consumers in the market, and the paint finish is very important. As the saying goes, "three carpenters and seven oilers", good paint finish can fully reflect the quality of wooden doors. The quality of paint finish is mainly reflected in the fluidity, transparency, plumpness, clarity, smoothness and flatness of wood grain texture. These can be completely distinguished by touching and looking with your eyes. Small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises must not ignore this aspect. After a long time of good products and services, public praise and brand reputation will be formed




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