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With the continuous improvement of consumption level, people have higher requirements for the quality of life, hoping to create a comfortable home environment for themselves through redecoration. The decoration of old houses, water and electricity and other basic projects should be listed as the top priority. After the completion of the basic project, we should consider the decoration again. The aging problem of the house must be completely solved. Otherwise, the phenomenon of water leakage may emerge one by one within a few years of decoration, and then we will be busy in vain

experts suggest that it is advisable to take 10 years as the watershed for the decoration of old houses. Basically, for houses within 10 years, unless there are obvious problems, the basic works need not be moved too much. In addition to repainting the floors, ceilings and walls, and updating kitchen and bathroom equipment, the old houses can be refreshed. However, if the house is more than 10 years old, we should pay attention to the basic engineering, especially if the house is more than 20 years old, it is best to replace all the water, electricity and gas pipelines to avoid rust, blockage or rupture of the water pipe. In addition, we should also pay attention to the power load capacity and the aging of the wires to avoid the risk of wire fire. In the renovation of old houses, the following decoration problems need to be paid enough attention

first, never dismantle the load-bearing wall at will

as it is an old house, the structure is somewhat unsatisfactory, and sometimes it is necessary to dismantle some walls to re integrate the structure of the house, but never dismantle the load-bearing wall at will, change the stress structure of the house, or punch holes in the load-bearing wall at will, which will bring extremely serious hidden dangers. You can consult and apply to the property management department in advance

second, the total electricity should be sufficient, and all lines should be sleeved.

nowadays, household appliances are becoming more and more diversified, such as changing window type air-conditioning to separate air-conditioning, adding professional ovens in kitchens, dishwashers, changing gas stoves to electromagnetic stoves, and changing water heaters to electric water stoves. Relatively, the power consumption is also greatly increased, and the power distribution of each circuit is relatively non negligible. If it is a house of more than 20 years, It is better to replace the electric box with a fuse free switch, which is safer

it is best to pipe the lines (wires, telephone lines, TV signal lines). The advantage of piping is that it can avoid rats or other animals biting the wires, and it can avoid the mutual interference of electric waves. When you replace or add lines in the future, there are also pipelines to find

III. before the replacement of toilet floor materials, waterproof treatment must be done for the base course

the transformation of toilet is the most frequent thing in the reconstruction of old houses, but it should be noted that before the replacement of toilet floor materials, waterproof treatment must be done for the base course, and 24-48 hours of water storage experiment must be carried out; The toilet should change from squatting to sitting, and the position of the water outlet should not be changed at will

IV. the part under the window must not be moved

in order to expand the use space of the bedroom and make full use of the balcony, homeowners often want to connect the balcony with the room, but there is a wall (also known as counterweight wall) between the bedroom and the balcony, and the part under the window must not be moved, which plays the role of supporting the balcony, but at the same time, the balcony floor finish should not use heavy materials (such as marble), and do not put too heavy furniture, so as not to put heavy pressure on the balcony. For thermal insulation, the balcony must be sealed, but we must pay attention to the sealing quality and dust prevention

it is a popular trend to replace steel windows and aluminum windows with plastic steel doors and windows. The reason is that plastic steel windows have good sound insulation, heat insulation and sealing performance. Now the price of plastic steel windows in the market ranges from 200 yuan to 2000 yuan per square meter, and their quality varies greatly. After a period of time, defective products will deform and push and pull impeded. Therefore, when buying, we must find a reputable business to buy, and put forward a clear warranty period




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