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In recent years, house prices have soared all the way, only rising but not falling. In the face of this situation, for working families whose monthly income is between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan, it is undoubtedly worse. Paying hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of housing funds has been a heavy burden. Facing the new house with empty walls, the joy of buying a house is fleeting &mdash& mdash; How to make use of limited funds to build a beautiful and comfortable home? Now there are some decoration companies focusing on low-cost decoration in the market, for which relevant experts give you advice:

the first level: see the price strategy of decoration companies

nowadays, in the fierce competition of decoration companies in various markets, the means of price war such as discount, profit transfer and gift giving are common. If you want to spend less on decoration, you have to be steady now. The discount is not in the range. Whether the discount is reasonable is the focus you should care about

prevention key 1: the construction cost should not be reduced. Needless to say, you also understand that the quality and effect of decoration are closely related to the construction technology. If decoration companies rob workers, you will suffer in the end, so such companies are not trustworthy

prevention key 2: the quality of main materials cannot be reduced. In order to reduce the cost of main materials, some decoration companies often choose fake and inferior products when purchasing on behalf of others, and substitute inferior products for good ones. Imagine that your home will have a series of inconveniences in a year, such as wall peeling, tile cracks, loose cabinet doors, toilet leakage, etc. can you stand it? So first let the decoration company list the brands of the main materials purchased on behalf of others, and then find a knowledgeable person to consult or go to the market to investigate in person to see how the quality of these brands is

then, what kind of discount composition is more credible? Take the discount composition of a decoration company in Beijing as an example: first, the company's profit share of 5% is already the limit, beyond which there is the suspicion of reducing labor costs; Secondly, because some building materials merchants are associated with decoration companies, decoration companies can often win 10&mdash lower than the market price for customers; 20% of the main materials. Therefore, the discount of main materials should be about 15%. In this way, the discount of clearly marked price is 8— 10% is normal

in addition, some companies with long operation time, good reputation and small scale can also save customers' expenses in actual operation because of their advantages such as rich designer experience and low company operating costs

the second level: identify the level of designers

excellent designers are masters of using resources, and can create the most perfect effect with limited funds and materials. Must excellent designers go to large companies? In fact, not necessarily. Due to the nonstandard decoration industry, designers frequently change jobs, which leads to such a strange phenomenon: well-known large decoration companies often sit with makeovers; In smaller companies, there are many excellent people

how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of designers? You should master the following three essentials

recognition key 1: those who look nervous during conversation are probably novices. One of the characteristics of excellent designers is self-confidence. If you find that the designer in front of you always looks down when talking, and dare not look at you for even 2 seconds; Afraid of hearing your questions and stuttering when answering questions, I advise you to ask for advice quickly. Because he knows no more about home decoration than you





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